ReCrystallize webreports will not work

Gidday all,

I've got me a small question.
At least I hope it's a small one.

I've generated a few asp pages with recrystallize so I could view my crystal reports online.
It's not having any of it on some computers and it works perfectly on other computers.

Am I missing a plugin/something or what?
If I install an crystal reports viewer which we got with another application it functions properly. But that's bollocks isn't it?
Having to install software to view webbased reports. Kinda goes around the entire point of making it webbased......

I've noticed it gives an error on the computers it won't work on.
[The following property or method is not supported:

Any suggestions, tips or mental support is appreciated.


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kneHAuthor Commented:
btw I have read
and although I reckon it's spot on it isn't helping me a lot.

I get hung up here:
-- Windows XP and IIS 6 --
1. Open the Internet Information Services console by going to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services.
2. Expand the computer icon.
3. Double-click 'Default Web Site'.
4. Right-click the 'viewer' virtual directory, and click 'Properties'.

there is no 'viewer'
Mike McCrackenSenior ConsultantCommented:
You need to look for the directory that contains the ActiveX viewer and ensure all users have appropriate permissions.

Firstly which version and edition of CR are you using i.e. 8.59, 9, 10, Standard, developer. professional etc.

have you installed CR on the Server ? This is needed to run the reports and download the viewer to the users machines.

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kneHAuthor Commented:
It's CR10 pro

>>You need to look for the directory that contains the ActiveX viewer and ensure all users have appropriate permissions.
And I find that dir how?

I'm sorry.. but I am completely new to publishing these reports on the web....
This directory should be found on your server in

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Crystal Decisions\2.5\crystalreportviewers10

you need to create the virtual directory mentioned in th eCR document and assign the correct permissions.

This should have been done automatically when you installed the software on the server.


kneHAuthor Commented:
Could you please explain how....
as I mentioned I am new to this stuff.

Sorry for the inconveniance...

To create a virtual directory on the IIS server you can simply navigate to the folder in windows explorer -> right click on the folder -> select sharing and security -> web sharing tab and share this folder.

kneHAuthor Commented:
Got that covered then.
But it solved nothing yet.
I still get the 'object' icon in IE which turns into a white icon with a red cross init.

Anything else I might be able to do which'd solve this?
The red cross is caused by the viewer being unable to download to the client machine and ther are many documnets on this available on the BO web site.

If you are using IIS 6 you will need to allow use of ASP extensions on the website

Open IIS manager ->opent th eweb service extensions folder -> select Active Server Pages -> click on allow


kneHAuthor Commented:
Well like I said how would that explain the report working on computers where there's a viewer installed...
They still view the report through asp pages... so that should be set up correctly right?

asp pages do work.
It's just the report(viewer) not being loaded for some reason.

Thanks for your efforts so far btw :)
<< If I install an crystal reports viewer which we got with another application it functions properly >> 

do the PC's that work have this viewer or CR installed ?

Also check that the client PC users have the correct permissions to load software on to the PC's.

kneHAuthor Commented:
>>do the PC's that work have this viewer or CR installed ?

And I do have permission to download software... but it's not doing so...
If you have set the virtual directory up correctly and you have admin rights on the PC then this should work

Check the Virtual directory properties these should be

Virtual Directory tab
Name - crystalreportviewers10
path -  C:\Program Files\Common Files\Crystal Decisions\2.5\crystalreportviewers10
boxes checked should be Read, Log visits and index this resource
starting point - default web site
Execute permissions - Scripts only

Directory Security tab
Authentication and access control - Edit - Enable anonymous access and integrated windows authentication

if these are set correctly then i don't know i'm afraid

You may hav eto install te viewer manually


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kneHAuthor Commented:

I had some setting wrong then.

think it was the authentication.

It's sorted.

You're lucky this is over the web cos I'd kiss you.


now lets turn this to a 500 point Q and award em to ya.

thank you very very much
kneHAuthor Commented:
err I should have told it to increase before hitting submit LOL
It's always good to bring a little joy to someones day.

Glad you got it working and glad to help.

have a good weekend.

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