Setup and Deployment Wizard - missing PADDIN.DLL

Hi All,

I have created an installation setup for Visual Basic application. When I tried to run the installation file, I got an error saying  can't register dlls. As I found out this was a Microsoft bug and I have sorted that, but there is one dll that it tries to install, but I can't find any reference to it. It is PADDIN.DLL. I have dereferenced it within the deployment and setup wizard. And the application works, but just to understand it - as with every setup it includes in the dependency files, but dereferencing doesn't seem to harmthe project. Does anyone know what this dll is doing?

Secondly when I run the setup wizard, it sometimes comes up with a list of dlls that it can't find the reference and prompts for not referencing these file. I try to understand why I get this list as some of these dll's I am not aware of using in the project. So I wonder where they are picked up from.

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Shiju SasidharanSenior IT DeveloperCommented:
ok, try by changing destinations of those dll's which make trouble to application folder rather than system folder
This reduces such errors some times.

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