Dual Xeon Vs Dual core

Hello , I use a Pinnacle edition video program and other similars programs and will buy a new computer , the question is , what is better , a dual Xeon 2,8 configuration or the new intel dual core cpu configuration ??

Witch one have a best performance for video edition ??

Any special Motherboard recomended ?

Thanks a lot
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A dual core behaves very similar to dual cpus, since it is essentially two cpus on a chip.  Just remember, two cpus outperform one faster cpu, but if the one cpu is much faster, it will outperm the dual configuration, so it's a matter of how much you can spend.

Dual Xeon 2.8 vs Single P4 3.2EE

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The dual core configuration will be cheaper, just because dual socket motherboards are typically more expensive server motherboards.  The Pentium-D is dual core and will work with an Asus P5WD2 Premium: http://www.directron.com/p5wd2p.html

Did you get the information you wanted - there was no feedback comment from you, and a "C" grade is the lowest possible grade you can give.
I highly disagree with the statement "but if the one cpu is much faster, it will outperm the dual configuration".... well I should say it is a miss-leading statement.  It completely depends on the application being used.  Benchmarks and raw calculations are fine and dandy, but for real-word applications and final produced results you have to take into account if the application splits it's processes up then 1 higher is not going to be faster than 2 lower speed proc's.  Cache size, applications memory managment, how it accepts input and the number of calc's (if it can't feed the calcualtions faster than calculating, then it really doesn't matter that the CPU is faster).

With video calc's, pending what you are doing Cache size can be a huge boon in performance.   So it would depend if you are doing relatively raw video aquire and saves or if you are doing heavy rendering/alterations to that video.
That was 2005 and the world was a little different regarding dual cores back then - they were nowhere near the speed of Core2 Duos, and applications were not multiple-processor aware.  In addition, the benchmarks (which are no longer visible) used real world applications, so I don't see what your objection is.  You cannot apply today's conclusions to past products unless they are universal constants.
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