Fedora and Win Xp Pro Dual boot config

Ok, I'm a newbie to linux, but really want to master it and make it usable in my work environment. I have 2 seperate drives for each os. C drive holds the xp os and my E drive holds Fedora. Both are the master drives on seperate ide chains. After a successful installation of Fedora I don't get my grub boot loader. Upon installation i made sure to have grub installed on my mbr.
Xp still boots up fine, just cant seem to figure out what i have done wrong. I've searched the site trying to find an answer, and a lot of the answers provided point to dead links. Any help is greatly appreciated.
 I'm assigning 500 points to this question only because I need to move on and get this thing up and running and i've spent too much time scratching my head.
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It might have installed grub to the mbr of your 2nd disk. You should be able to boot to FC with the installation CD. Then check the following link which describes pretty well how you can install grub to your system. There may also be repair install on the CD, but that I'm not sure of.
I've seen this problem

One workaround is to use a Boot Manager

One bootmanager I like is GAG http://gag.sourceforge.net/
Smart Boot Manager may also work http://btmgr.webframe.org/
It will detect both OS's and let you pick which one to boot.

Another option is to reinstall linux but disconnect the Windows disk during your Linux install.
Fedora does not seem to like seeing a second disk at install time.

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What's happening here is that the BIOS is checking the first drive (C:) and finding that it is bootable. Accordingly it doesn't look at the drive that you installed Fedora and naturally doesn't offer to boot that. You can install Grub on the first drive and configure it to boot either OS.
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