how a new client can get an IP addresse from DHCP ?

i have windows server 2003 which has DHCP server and three computers are attached to this server.

i added another computer to this domain.
the new computer has windows xp pro and to join the domain i gave it manually an IP address and DNS address. and it joined the domain. but the new computer does not get IP address automatically from the DHCP server why?

what should i do for the new computer to get automatically an IP address from DHCP server?
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If you manually set the ip to join the domain it's still set to a static address unless you went back in and changed the interface to DHCP.  If you have done that, verify that you have enough IP addresses in your lease pool.
mkhalidmnAuthor Commented:

i went back and changed it to automatically address but it doesnt help and i get the private address which is or somthing like that.....and i have plenty of addreses in the scope.
It's most likely 169.x.x.x which is the range which is auto assigned by MS when a DHCP server doesn't respond in the alloted time.  If you drop to a command line and do an "ipconfig /release" then do an "ipconfig /renew"  what happens?
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mkhalidmnAuthor Commented:

i will try this when i go home ... right now i m in the libarary, if it works u will get ur point :) but tommorrow
good luck
Did you authorize the DHCP server to issue addresses?
mkhalidmnAuthor Commented:


yes and it gives address to other PCs
Are you using wireless lan?
Are you using any internet security suit? If you are make sure that the firewall component on this will allow DHCP transmissions.
just to clarify if it is 169.254.x.x then it is an APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing) address which means your workstation can't "see" a DHCP server. There are many 169.x.x.x that are valid PUBLIC addresses however, only - is the APIPA range.

when you assign it statically to an address on your network, can you ping the IP address of your DHCP server?
mkhalidmnAuthor Commented:


yes i ping it without any problem when i assign it statically ... i mean i ping the domain name and the IP address of it without any problem
mkhalidmnAuthor Commented:

i dont use wireless land or internet security suites
thats odd, b/c all that happens when a workstation requests a DHCP address is it sends a broadcast out on your networking looking for any DHCP server, the first one that responds back assigns the workstation the DHCP address.  what OS is this workstation?  does it have any firewall turned on? if it does disable it b/c it might be blocking the DHCP "offer" and/or "acknowledgment"
mkhalidmnAuthor Commented:


as i said the workstation is windows xp pro and there is no firewall to be turned on
Is your DHCP Server setup so only clients which you have registered there MAC Addresses and Set up particular IP Addresses to be assigned?
Check in the DHCP configuration and make sure that there is no screwups to do with address reservation.  I have had this same problem when someone on my network was screwing around and manually assigned a reserved IP address to his computer.  You will get something that says BAD_ADDRESS in the reservation area on the DHCP server.
Another thing, make sure you have enough available addresses in your scope.

its a real problem on a 2003 server. Most of the time this is a corrupt DHCP database is corrupt. Try flushing the DHCP or just delete the database...

Note that you need to stop your dhcp server
and please make a BACKUP of the database!!

net stop dhcpserver or via services.msc
then delete the database
net start dhcpserver or  via services.msc

when you restart the server dous a rebuild of the database. what I should do afterworths is rebooting my systems. See that you get a ip then.



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