Cannot stop IIS services

We have a Win2K server where we cannot stop the "World Wide Web Publishing Service" (IIS). It's been this way since I started working here, so I can't pinpoint anything that was done to cause it. The box is fully patched.

When you try and stop the service, it goes into the "stopping" status and just hangs. The only way to bring it back is to restart the box.

Any idea what could cause this?
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Hi Jebsilver,
Can you go into the services and see if there are any "Dependencies" for this service? If someone has configured it that way, it might be waiting for the other services to stop.
Also, you can use Processexplorer from to kill the process. It will give you a good view of what is causing it to freeze up!

jebsilverAuthor Commented:
It depends on IIS Admin, and STMP depends on W3SVC.

This is on a production server, so I'll try to kill it this weekend. What should I be looking for in procexp to tell me? Will it highlight what is causing the hang?
are there any isapi filters on any of the web sites?  sometimes these things can crash if they don't shut down properly and cause IIS to get stuck on stopping.


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How are you trying to stop IIS?

Try to use IISRESET instead:;en-us;202013

you may try with command promt

net stop w3svc
net stop iisadmin

net start w3svc
net start iisadmin
A likely cause is a hung thread in the W3SVC service.

When you try to stop the IISADMIN service it asks the other services it hosts to shut down.

If there is a hung ASP thread or, as meverest suggested, a problematic ISAPI filter or extension the services may not stop properly.

Best way to handle this is tao capture a hang dump of the IIS processes and see what's hung.

Dave Dietz
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