OWA 2003 Issues On Windows Server 2003

Simply put, it appears that OWA 2003 is completely broken on my SERVER.  Below is a screenshot of what the window looks like when you login using ANY browser, including the one that's actually on the SERVER.  


First thing to note is that the Theme is missing entirely.  It appears to be running in basic mode and not premium mode, but I have NOT choosen this or specified it.  

About 90% of the icons at the top of the screen do nothing, they will show an exclamation point in the lower left hand side of the browser when clicked.  This appears to be a javascript error.  To be more specific, the NEW button does nothing, the Address Book button does nothing.  If you read a message, clicking REPLY does nothing.  

I have spent well over 6 hours checking permissions, re-setting directory security, etc.  I compared it to another WORKING OWA 2003, and from what I can tell all the settings are identical, of course with the exception that the domain is different.  

One thing I am un-sure of, is how easy would it be to re-install just OWA on the server.  Or, maybe someone can give me some troubleshooting tips that I haven't already tried.  I wish I could write down EVERYTHING that I have tried already, but that would take up a whole page in itself to type.

Thank you very much!   I'm stumped at the point, outside of re-installing something to fix this issue.
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Have you tried re-setting the OWA folders?

Try applying or re-applying SP1 for Exchange 2003.
Reset the OWA folders:


Other than that, Re-run exchange setup with the /disaterrecovery switch.

Seelan NaidooMicrosoft Systems AdminCommented:
Are you using Forms Based Authentication, when logging in via OWA?

Its seems like its either IIS, or the ISA server thats publishing OWA?

Are you using Win2k and ISA2k / W2k and ISA2k4 / Win2k3 and ISA2k / Win2k3 and ISA2k4 ?

Do you have a systemstate backup [you can get the IIS metabse from it] or a recent backup of IIS/inetpub/wwwroot]

If not, try installing exchange on a temp machine [not on the network], then copy the default exchange directories in IIS, to removable media like CD/Tape/DVD/memory stick.

Rename the old inetpub directory, and copy the new inetpub directory to your server. Restart the server. Hopefully that should do it.

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KrocodileAuthor Commented:
We have already tried resetting the OWA folders and re-applying sp1 wich had no effect. We have not tried installing exchange on a temp machine copy the default exchange directories in IIS and copy the new inetpub directory to your server. Were gona try this next.
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