Can cluster shutdown storage array automatically?

2-node cluster (ProLiant DL380) and a disk array. We installed APC PowerChute Shutdown on both nodes. If the temperature goes out of range, two nodes will be shutdown automatically. But after nodes are powered off, the storage array still runs. To protect disks from overheating, is there any way to shutdown the array when cluster shuts down? Thanks.
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which disk array is this?
if your ups can take the load, you can connect the array to the ups.

most storage array have power backup to avoid abrupt shutdown. once they sense the power cut., they initiate the power down sequence. EMC arrays do this as far as i know...

i dont know about the power down based on temperature though, post your array model and then we can try to find out some more informatio
If they don't say otherwise it will be a packaged cluster which has either an MSA 500 or MSA 1000 which both have an emu. Looking through the bios log messages in the manual they have a temperature threshold exceeded and temperature returning to normal but no shutting down due to overheat message so I don't think it powers itself off on overheat.

Is it not possible to get the UPS to power down the load segment in the event of overheat? There's no requirement to shut it down like windows and unix need to be told to shut down, the server shutdown will have marked the volumes as clean when they shut down. The cache batteries will keep any data not on disk for a couple of days.

All I can think of if the UPS can't shutdown the load segment itself is to use a remote power switch something like, you need something like that anyway (or a UPS with three independant load segments) to ensure the storage gets powered on before the servers and that both nodes don't come on at exactly the same time in the event of powering up after a long powerdown that the UPS can't keep them running for.

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mmassumiAuthor Commented:
Thank both of you for replying.
It is the HP ProLiant DL380 packaged (2-node) cluster (with the smart array cluster storage). The shutdown software is called (APC)PowerChute Network Shutdown (PCNS). It's installed on each server (an IIS-based application) and can't be installed on array. The temperature threshold is set on APC Matrix control unit (Matrix has an embedded http server). Once the temperature exceeds threshold, i.e. 100 degree, the maxtrix UPS signals servers connected to it. PCNS on servers then shutdown the computer.
Besides the cluster, UPS supports DSL router and switches as well. Temperature goes high quickly (less than 5 minutes) once the A/C is down. Clients PCs (all have own UPS) may still need network for about 20-30 minutes.
We will consider to let UPS self-poweroff automatically. (we did not set UPS off when temp. goes high because UPS is out of server closet)
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