P4 2.4 powering down ... acting nutty

Computer is resetting every so often

CPU TEMP : 101 in the red

12V is sitting at 1.92V

that seems to be the only strange looking stuff on the HW monitor

at first I thought it was the fact that I kept the stock thermal compound on when i switched heatsinks

but that wouldnt account for the 12V running at 1.92V would it  ?

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RimscorpAuthor Commented:
the 12V running at 1.9 is also red
Three things that I would do in this situation:

First, you should NEVER leave the same thermal compound on when switching heatsinks.  You always need to clean off what is there, and put NEW thermal compound on.    You very likely have a poor 'connection' between the cpu and heatsink if you didn't change it.

Second, I would consider adding additional cooling.   One easy and free way to TEST this is to open up your computer case, and blow any kind of typical household fan you have laying around to the inside of the case, while the computer is running.   If your temps are better and/or you are not resetting any more, then cooling is your problem.   There's a bazillion things you can add, such as additional cooling fans, change your flat cables to rounded cables for better air flow, etc etc etc.

Third, if you continue to have problems, you may want to replace your power supply............

Do the first two items for CERTAIN.

Reset the BIOS - there is no way your machine can even boot if the 12v was at 1.9v, so I suspect the sensor readings are faulty.  The temperature readings are also monitored in the BIOS, so maybe there's a pattern.

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RimscorpAuthor Commented:
Ok guys point split cuz i figured it out

faulty PS

the low v12 was causing the CPU fan to not spin

never seen that before but hey Swapped it out with known good and we are ok across the board

thanks for your speedy response guys


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