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Is there a way to turn the PHP Register 'Off' in my code without having to do this in the php.ini file ? I need to turn it off to install a program then turn it bac on when I'm finished.
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make sure to read the following

taken from the url above:

register_globals boolean
Whether or not to register the EGPCS (Environment, GET, POST, Cookie, Server) variables as global variables.

As of PHP 4.2.0, this directive defaults to off.

Please read the security chapter on Using register_globals for related information.

Please note that register_globals cannot be set at runtime (ini_set()). Although, you can use .htaccess if your host allows it as described above. An example .htaccess entry: php_flag register_globals off.

Note: register_globals is affected by the variables_order directive.

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What do you mean by PHP Register?
If you are installing a program in linux, you will need to recompile it.
But If you are doing it from Windows, you don't need to do anything.
Is that your question?

If what you are talking about was regarding the variables registers, then nothing should be effected when you install a new program.

That's from my point of view.
Some programs will not install(assuming your trying to install a PHP program) when register globals is turned on due to security reasons, it is very dangerous to have register globals turned on due to sql injection attacks, etc....

You can do what your trying to use by using ini_set('register_globals', 'off'); and you'd probably have to do this in multiple scripts of the installing program.  Then if you were turn it back on 1 of two things would happen, you'd break it and it wouldn't work anyways, or 2 you'd open yourself up to tons of security holes.  Anyways....

Good Luck!
Josh Rogers

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