Need to get rid of home page Hijacker-mhtml:file//C:\Windows\blank.html

I am running WXP with SP2 on a fairly nondescript computer...nothing exotic.
Every time I go to Tools>Internet Options and change the home page URL to what I want, it gets changed back to mhtml:file//C:\Windows\blank.html.  I read the post at:
Is this exactly what I would need to do to get rid of this pest, or are there differences?
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Start with a spyware tool like MSAntispyware, SpySweeper or Ad-aware. If that doens't remove it then use Hijackthis and post the results back. There are several variants of spyware that produce about:blank so not all solutions are exctly the same. You could try what is suggested on that post but you may also have a different but similar infection.

Also, as ever, do an AV scan first.

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When you run HijackThis, don't post the entire log back here. Instead, post it at and click on analyze and post a link to the saved analysis page.

Start with About:Buster:

Download, unzip, UPDATE and scan.

If that one doesn't do it, try Adware Away:

The trial version is fully functional for a few sessions.

rdavesAuthor Commented:
Thank You for the help
I had already run AdAware and Spybot S&D, and the computer has been cleaned of the stuff that these programs caught.  I then ran HijackThis and found some suspicious stuff that I deleted.  Problem solved.
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