Lexmark X422 MFD over Terminal Server

One of our remote sites has it's own address range and is linked to the main site by a 2MB EPS9 link.  The users connect to the main site via TS sessions.  Most of the pc's (all XP) have a locally installed printers and the TS sessions pick those up fine.  I've got a Lexmark X422 multi function device at that site and it's a network device.  I've installed it onto one of the pc's which picked it up fine over that sites network.  But I can't get it to be picked up when in the TS sessions.  Tried installing the Lexmark onto the Terminal Server (Win 2K3) but it won't detect it over the link, however I am able to ping the device from the server, so it can see it

Any suggestions as to how I can get the Lexmark to be picked up by the TS sessions?
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Probably Windows 2003 TS doesn't support network printer redirection while local printers redirection is enable d by default. Have you already tried sharing the printer from a local workstation and mapping it on a Lptx device?

From one client pc isntall the printer and share it assigning a resource name, then on the same pc open the command prompt and run the following command:

net use lptx \\servername\printername /persistent:yes

Now reinstall driver for the printer as it was connected on lptx port (where lptx is lpt1, lpt2 or whatever port you are not using).

Unfortunately you will end up with two copies of driver on each workstation but it should work.
DubberDanAuthor Commented:
I've tried to follow the above (and think I got it right) but it still doesn't seem to work.  So I tried it again on LPT2 and 3 but still no joy but I have a feeling that just confused things!

Where I currently am is as follows:

Lexmark installed on the client pc - the port is a Lexmark Network Port - and I can print to this from the client pc.  This is shared as LexmarkReports.  I cannot see this printer listed in a TS session.

I've also got the Lexmark installed on the client pc - using LPT1 -  and it's called Lexmark X422.  I can't print to this though from the client pc - it just sits there waiting and eventually comes up with an error but that's it.  I can however, see this printer listed in TS sessions but when I try to print to it the job is sent to the client pc but then just sits there.

I think I need to delete all the persistent mappings that I created and start again, but am not sure how to show them and then delete them.  What's the command to show the mappings that are in place and then how do I delete them?

Just as a test, if I install an HP Deskjet 930 locally to the client pc on LPT1 this prints fine both locally and via TS sessions (without needing to share it)
To remove port mapping you have to use the following syntax:

net use lptx \\servername\printername /delete

There is a Lexmark document that covers in detail driver installation for terminal server (Citrix and Windows Terminal server)


Lexmark X422 is listed between supported printers.

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