.htacess on apche on windows 2003

i have apache installed on windows 2003

and the default page comes fine when i type


i want to create a new folder private; e.g. http://www.servername.com/private
and when someone goes to that folder http://www.servername.com/private;  i need a pop up box come up where they
can enter login /password ( something like .htacess in linux )


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just create te same ".htaccess" file with same contents

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royalcyberAuthor Commented:
u cannot create a file starting with "' . "  in windows
Since when You can't create such file ?
Just checked on WinXP, 2K - works.
royalcyberAuthor Commented:
thankyou so much

I am doing this first time

where should i copy the .htacess file ( under \conf )

and what will be in the file if i want to have password authentication on the "private" folder :http://www.servername.com/private;

also do i have to change somehting on httpd.conf

thanks for all ur help

.htaccess file applies to the directory (and subdirectories) where it exists. So Your .htaccess file should be placed in
private\ folder.
The simplest configuration for password authenticating is (put this into .htaccess)

AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /path/to/.htpasswd_file
AuthName "Authorization required"
satisfy any
Require valid-user
Deny from all

where /path/to/.htpasswd in Your case might be "c:\apache\.htpasswd1"
After that, You have to create the .htpasswd file and users in it. You'll achieve this with htpasswd.exe shipped with apache.
ie: htpasswd.exe -c c:\path\to\.htaccess username
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