using values in datagrid in stored procedure

Hello, I have a datagrid with 2 columns, 'Description' and 'Date'.  How do I retrieve the values from these 2 columns so I can use them as parameters in a  stored procedure that will add these rows from the datagrid into my database.

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Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Hi crussell96;

To access the data in a data grid you can do the following.

Dim data As String  ' This should be of the same type as what is stored
                            ' in the data grid control

DataGridName.Item(RowIndex, ColumnIndex)

The value returned from this function is of type Object. You must cast it to its data type to be able to store it, in this case string.

data = DirectCast(DataGridName.Item(0, 0), String)

If you want the currently selected row you can do this.

data = DirectCast(DataGridName.Item(DataGridName.CurrentRowIndex, 0), String)

The row and column index are zero based.

I hope this was of some help.

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crussell96Author Commented:
Ok, i understand what you are saying so far but what would I need to do to make this work with multiple rows in the datagrid.
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
I do not think that multiple selection is supported to return a collection of selected rows.
crussell96Author Commented:
Let me try and explain a little further exactly what I am doing.

I have a datagrid named dgClassStartDates with 2 colums displayed Description and date.  When the user clicks the 'Save' button it executes a stored procedure that accepts 3 parameters. 2 come from the datagrid and the third is a variable. The code for attaching and giving the values to the parameters is below.  Now I can get it to work fine with only 1 row in the datagrid but exactly what steps do I need to take if there are multiple rows in the datagrid.  

'Attach Parameters

'Give Parameters values
prmStartDescription.Value = frmCaseKeyDatesOpen.dgClassStartDates.Item(0, 0)        
prmStartDate.Value = frmCaseKeyDatesOpen.dgClassStartDates.Item(0, 1)
prmCaseID.Value = globalCaseID 'This is a variable

'Execute command
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