still issues with file lock on NFS

intitially i was using the code  on NFS mounted server
#sub save_email() {
#    my $file = "$application";
#    open(FILE,">>  $CONFIG::DATA/$file.txt") or die("$! Cant open file\n") ;
#    flock FILE,LOCK_EX ;
#    print FILE "$email\n";

#    flock FILE,LOCK_UN ;
#    close(FILE) ;
and i used to get error:
Software error:
Can't flock: No record locks available at /v/ line 40

then i change the code to :
sub save_email() {

   my $file = "$application";
   die "couldn't lock file $file\n" unless file_lock($file);

   open FILE, ">>  $CONFIG::DATA/$file.txt" or die "$!\n";
   print FILE "$email\n";
   close FILE;

  die "couldn't remove lock\n" unless file_unlock($file);


sub file_lock {
    $timeout = 0;

    while($timeout++ < 2400){
     if( -f "$CONFIG::DATA/$_[0].lock" ){
         select(undef, undef, undef, 0.2);
     } else {
         open LF, ">$CONFIG::DATA/$_[0].lock" or die "$!\n";
         close LF;
         return 1;
    return 0;

sub file_unlock {
    return unlink "$CONFIG::DATA/$_[0].lock";

STILL, I am getting the same error:

What locking mechanism should i use
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shahrahulbAuthor Commented:
basically the line 40 contains my $c = File::CounterFile->new("$CONFIG::DATA/$file");

so i am not sure is it because of this line 40 it is throwing th eerror or is it because of the above code
shahrahulbAuthor Commented:
and the line 41 is $c->inc;

basically i m keeping track of number of hits to this url


shahrahulbAuthor Commented:
i m sure its the perl module to keep track of hits is causing the problem and not my subroutines

if i can't use $c = File::CounterFile->new("$CONFIG::DATA/$file");  then how can i keep track of counters

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Hi shahrahulb,
flock on NFS mounts is problematic - as NFS is stateless, there's no real guarantee that flock will show the desired behaviour. This is the reason why many NFS implementations don't support locks.
You need a different approach - such as creating an own lock file. Again, this won't guarantee that there are no race conditions.



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You can implement locks via hard links over NFS -- it's quite a bit slower and more cumbersome than the lockf primitives, but the creation of a hard link is still an atomic operation on the remote filesystem, so you can use that fact to build reliable locks.
Question has already been PAQ'd but I do not see the following suggestion above which incidentally is the proper way of using a lock on an NFS filesystem.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use Fcntl ':flock';

open(FILE, ">", "somefile.txt") ||
   die "Unable to open somefile.txt: ($!)\n";
flock(FILE, LOCK_EX);
print FILE "Do something here!\n";
flock(FILE, LOCK_UN);

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