I'm new to forms, please help.


I am very new to forms, I have never done one before.  What I want to do, I feel is VERY basic in form design, so if possible I'd appreciate step by step instructions.

I would like to use a normal e-mail, except make the body of the e-mail smaller and add in a few fields.

Fields I want to add to a normal e-mail.

1.)  Company Name  (text box)
2.)  Contact Name   (text box)
3.)  Contact Number   (text box)
4.)  Date customer cancelled with other carrier  (text box, but formatted for dates)
5.)  Who they spoke to  (text box)
6.)  Confirmation number for cancel   (text box)

and then the body of the e-mail, would be left for notes if needed.

I hope this makes sense.  I am just very unsure of how to pull this off. I am also unsure of what I have to do, in order for the person to recieve this, to see it as well.
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How about this for a useful series of links to forms resources:


There are definitely several there that are aimed at novice users.
xp310Author Commented:

I am unable to find anything that makes sense to me on there.  All I have found by searching was a link to buy thier book...?

Whoops!  Don't know what happened there.  Try linking to here:


and then selecting the forms radio button on the right hand side of the page.  Then click on the Favorite Searches button.

One of the links you should now see includes this one:


Which you may find helpful.
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xp310Author Commented:

If I'm looking at the right thing, all there is - are samples.   Nothing showing how you actually pull all this off.  I'll download some samples tonight & maybe I can customize it for myself.

I thought working through some samples would enable you to understand more easily how to customise a form - if you don't get on with them let me know and we can try something else.
xp310Author Commented:
My name is Jay.  :)

Um, I have already viewed some sample templates that are already in Outlook.  But I am very lost with it.  I don't even know how to add a text box, except from dragging a preset box in the list thing that pops up.  Eh, I'm really lost with all this.

Basically what would be helpful is this....

Would you be able to give me step by step instructions on how to add one text box to an existing e-mail form?  As basic as the normal e-mail, except there will be a field for "Contact Name".  If I know the steps involved with that, I'm sure I'd be able to put it all together myself.  Being that the form I want now is very basic & nothing complex as of yet.
Jay (not Chris!)

What version of Outlook are you using?
xp310Author Commented:
2000 (work)

I was going to go home & test things out on 2003 though at home.

Rather than me type it all in again this is the a useful real beginner site:


Maybe I should have sent you here in the beginning.  It's for OL2002 - so sits neatly in between OL2000 and OL2003!  Seriously though, you should find this a real step by step account that I don't think I could better - and it should work ok in OL2003.

Let me know if you have any problems.

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