No Internet

I installed winXP, Installed a new wireless card. everything is a new fresh, clean install but I can't connect to the internet.

I am connected to my router. I am getting a good signal. its sending packets it's just not receving them.

and yes my router is working properly. I have 2 other pc's connected to it wirelessly and they work fine....

it has to be something simple I'm missing I know it
anyone know what might be wrong?
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Is this a laptop card?  Is it mini-pci or pcmcia?  If mini-pci are both internal antenna solidly connected?

Are you getting a valid IP address from the router?  How do you know it is sending?

What sort of security are you using?  Make sure your WEP/WPA keys are correct.  Sometimes if the key is wrong, you cannot connect.  You will see transmitted packets as the NIC attempts to negotiate a connection but nothing will come back.

Do you have MAC filtering on?  Did you add the new MAC address to the router?  This could also cause the above.
rdtootAuthor Commented:
I'm using WEP and yes its right. and yes everything is connected properly.

and I have'nt done anything to the router. I should'nt have to should I? I should be able to bring any pc within distance of it and connect to it right?

I just got an idea. since its working on my other pc I could just check all the settings to see if there the same right?

under wireless network connections i click support should the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway be the same on both pc's?
you gateway and subnet mask should be the same.  you ips should differ most likely by one octect... i.e. and

if your router does mac filtering as kminfotech mentioned, you would not be able to bring alien nic's and connect to the internet without configuring your router.
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rdtootAuthor Commented:
ok most likely its the mac filtering problem then.

I don't have time to check it right now. my neices are begging me to take them to an amusement park. but I should be back in a few hours to fix it and award points if this is the problem...

thanks for the help
Before fiddling with mac filtering, you should turn wep off on the router and connect without encryption to be certain it isn't a wep key mismatch.  I'd say this is most likely the cause of your problems.
I agree WEP is the most probable problem; however, rdtoot insists they are correct.

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Before you dig too much, try connecting to your routers maintenance screen (either through a web browser or telnet connection) from the machine you are having trouble with.  If you can do that then you know at least one step of your troubles is fine - the connection to the wireless router.  Next thing to check is the wep key.  You can test to see if you have a fault in your encryption by simply shutting it off on both ends and connecting again.  If all is fine, then you will need to reset your wep key on the system, as it is most likely incorrect.  Then try pinging through the router to an outside IP address (doesn't matter where but the primary DNS or secondary DNS are good choices).   You might also check to make sure the machines gateway, and DNS servers are set correctly.  I have seen instances where during setup the system would leave off the primary and secondary DNS entries and thus the internet wouldn't navigate as it couldn't find any addresses to get to.
rdtootAuthor Commented:
you guy's are awsome! I checked my routers WEP key and dag-on if I did'nt have it wrong.

OK I feel really stupid now.... so you all can go ahead and make fun of me I can take it. lol
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