Are These Firewalls Adequate for A Small Business?

I have a small business with a small network consisting of one NT server, 7 workstations, a printer and a dsl modem.

The modem is hardwired to a Netgear FVS318v3 router which is hardwired to the LAN switch(which everything in the SOHO  network is hardwired to.)

All of the workstations are running ZoneAlarm Pro(some XP others 98).  The NT server is only for file sharing, but holds a lot of confidential information.  I do not have a soft firewall on the NT server (as I understand, the new version of ZA Pro is not supported for NT).  The server was never set up to access the internet, but I do not know if it is "open" now through the DSL or through the workstations?

So my questions would be:  Is the Netgear hard firewall sufficient to block direct access to the server?  And is the combo of the Netgear and ZA Pro sufficient to block access to the server through the workstations?  Is there something else I should do or install on the NT server?(is any soft firewall recommended for an NT server?)

I have gone to the "Shields-up" website which tests firewalls and it gave me a thumbs up for being's all new to me, so I want to make sure I'm doing all I can.
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Are you offering any services to the Internet? Do you allow people to access e-mail or a Web server behind your Netgear on any of the systems running ZA?

You should be fine either way since your network is so small.
Smoothe1993Author Commented:
We do not offer any service to the internet.  All of the workstations can access the internet through the DSL such, they all have email and websurf privileges.  My main concern is a hacker gaining access to the server.
If you have a network firewall up in front of your network and not offering services (access to any of your machines including your Server), then you should be protected.

Keep up to date on vulnerabilities to the Netgear FVS318v3 router by periodically checking Netgear's support site.

Unless an exploit occurs, you've effectively closed the door to any outside-->in attacks.
Now you're stuck like the rest of us with dealing with inside out attacks from virii, worms, and malware.

You are good to go.

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I agree with Phil. You dont have any incoming connections so the firewall will be secure enough as practically any firewall can.
You also need to worry about attacks from inside and therefore need to make sure you have good regularly updated anti-virus software installed and a good spyware detector such as Spybot.
Smoothe1993Author Commented:
Thanks.  I am running McAfee Virus and Ad Adware, so hopefully we're covered!
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