Using Multiple threads

Can someone tell me how to use multiple threads.  I am retrieving data through a Comm port and I am calling a progress bar dialog (included with MS VS 6.0).  I want the progress bar to count up as I'm downloading the data but I believe I need to use another thread to do the progress bar while the ReadFile function is getting the data.  Also, is there a way I can check to see what percentage of the bytes are recieved while I'm downloading or do I have to update my progress bar with a timer.
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To learn multithreading basics check out MFC sample MTRECALC.

COM port handling (including multithreading and asynchronous I/O):

It is beter to move progress bar in the main application thread. COM port handling must run in the worker thread. Don't use blocking calls, use asynchronous overlapped I/O operations.
I'd also suggest to check out ("Multithreading for Rookies")

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Go thru these functions in msdn and call them where u require to start a thread.

CreateThread functions.

There are two ways for readind data from comm is using

ReadFile which is a synchronous call or say a blocking call as alex said which means function will not return till the i/o  is completed.
Instead of this use

ReadFileEx function which calls a callback function once operation is completed.

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