Adding Windows 2003/Exchange 2003 in a Windows 2000 AD environment.

Hi folks. I just started to configure a new Windows 2003 server for Exchange 2003. My question is...I currently have a Windows 2000 server used for file sharing. The W2K server is my DC/ PDC (whatever you want to call it), AD, DNS, and DHCP server.

I do not want to touch the Windows 2000 server. Simply have the W2K3 server work off the W2K AD.

The W2K3 is brand spanking new. I am doing a Windows update on it right now.  I noticed something called "SERVER ROLES".
What do I want to make this server? I thought about mail server cuz eventually it will have Exchange 2003 on it. I also thought about Domain Controller but not sure.

I am a complete newbie as far as W2K3 and Exch. please tell me in easy terms if you have any other configuration tips.

Thank you.

- Ali
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1) You need to extend your Windows 2000 schema to support Windows 2003 servers in the domain.  Here's how:

-  Run adprep /forestprep from Windows Server 2003 CD on your Windows 2000 server that holds the Schema master FSMO role. (Of course you’ll need to be a member of Schema Admins).  Be sure to replicate the changes throughout the forest before proceeding.

-  Run adprep /domainprep from Windows Server 2003 CD on your Windows 2000 server. I ran it on the system holding the PDC Emulator FSMO role.

2) add the new Windows 2003 server to the Windows 2000 domain

3) Insert the Exchange 2003 CD and install Exchange.
amosstarzAuthor Commented:

What SERVER ROLE should I configure on the W2K3 server? Should I configure the role now or wait till I run adprep/forestprep on the 2K server?
You don't need to configure a server role....when you install Exchange, it will make the server a mail server.
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amosstarzAuthor Commented:
Oh ok. Now I have already added the Windows 2003 server to the existing domain. Did I jump ahead...will this create a problem when I run the util's on the 2K sever? Just checking.

- Ali
no,, just adding the 2003 server to the domain doesn't do anything, if you ran DCPROMO to make it a DC, that is a different story however.  do you have exchange 2000 anywere on your network?  If so you have to do a little extra.

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I agree with mikeleebrla, you can now install Exchange 2003.
Kevin HaysIT AnalystCommented:
I also agree with mikeleebrla.  Also though, the server will be listed as a application server also due to doesn't exchange 2003 require the and IIS?    Of course exchange will probably alert you to make sure these are installed before continuing though.

Anyway, like others have already said, if you have no other exchange on your network then just install windows server 2003, run exchange setup, it will want to do I believe forest prep then domain prep then you can actually install exchange.


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