Having issues trying to add user to meetings.

My company is on Exchange 2000. This user is trying to schedule some meetings with another user but when they do all they get are slash marks where his schedule should have been. The user client is Outlook 2003. The reason they are using Outlook 2003 is the person I replaced thought it would fix this problem but it didn't.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Could you type in what you are referring to as a slash mark, please?  Just want to be sure we're talking the same language!  :-)
e2k3tekAuthor Commented:

If you open a new meeting dialog box and you look at the key at the bottom it the "No Information" slash marks.



1. Is this the only user getting this problem?
2. Is it just the one user they are having problems scheduling meetings with?
3. What version of Outlook is the other user using?
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This can happen if the user whose free/busy times shows as slash marks has never made an appointment in his calendar or if his free/busy time is not publishing correctly.

If creating an appointment in his calendar does not resolve it then try the solution below.
It may take up to 15 min. after the appointment is made before it will show up.

On the users computer that is showing the slash marks, launch Outlook with the /cleanfreebusy switch.

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e2k3tekAuthor Commented:
Sorry I haven't gotten back to you all yet; I still haven't tried this fix but as soon as I do I will post a reply and give the points out. It will bge in the next day or 2. The user is a director so I don't know when I'll have access to his machine.

e2k3tekAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay....

I did the /cleanfreebusy but it doesn't seem as though anything happened other than Outlook starting up. Should there be some sort of output detailing what was fixed..if anything?


No there is no output.
Just to make sure you did it on the correct machine.

Lets assume you have 2 users.

When USER A plans a meeting and invites USER B, the free/busy time for USER B shows up as slash marks.
You would then launch OUTLOOK with the /cleanfreebusy switch on USER B's computer.

After this is done, try inviting USER B to a meeting again.
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