Slow login to NetStorage

I need to find a way to speed up the load of NetStorage when I authenticate via my browser.  The NetStorage server is running NW65sp3, and holds a replica of the partition that the user objects are in (actually, it is the only partition in the tree).  The authentication domain is set for both OU's that the users are in.

For SOME users, logging in and loading is fine. For others, this process is painfully slow. However, once the users are logged in and NetStorage is up in their browser, it seems to work fine. Most of the TID's from Novell on this issue mention that login scripts are the biggest problem. However, in this case the scripts are not overly large or complex. In addition, users in the same container, using the same scripts, have different results (one fast, one slow). Therefore I do not believe that the login scripts are the problem. As a troubleshooting step, I turned off the scripts, home dirs, etc. in the NetWare Storage Provider (in iManager). This made no difference.

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An additional comment: I suspect that the login process itself is not the hold up. I think it is the loading of NetStorage AFTER successfully logging in. However, it is hard to distinguish with certainty which of these two are the bottleneck.
Do you proxy requests in your browser?  If so, try to go directly.
Hows the memory of your server (use NRM)?  Free up if necessary.
Can you connect alright from the same segment (i.e.: traceroute reveals you're one hop away from the server)?  If that's okay, it's probably one of the switches or routers etc...
What's your DNS setup like?  Do names resolve quickly?  SSL uses DNS as goes HTTP.
What's the Java like on the server?  Correct version?  How much memory is it using (use NRM to find out)?

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