Can you please provide me the java code to get a value of particulat string from a file

I am having following content in a file 'tempfile
$$STOREPHONE$ - "3144505678"

I want to print the values OMRON, by searching with strings $$STORENAME$ and $$STOREMAIL$

Can you please provide me the java code for this.
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You'll have to read the file line by line -- since I assume the file is built with two values in each line, separated by a '-'.

You can use java's StringTokenizer to separate each line you read its two arguments, or use the indexOf("-") method to get the index of the '-' character in every line, then use the substring(index) method to get the actual string for the token you're looking for.

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Oh well.. there goes the Rule Book ;)
rules are to be broken ;)

but still, I don't believe that the rules state that we cannot produce code for someone.... to do like a whole project or something like that, is probably against the rules, but a couple of methods........
I'm not sure about the exact word of "The Law", but I think it states we're supposed to help, not spoon-feed... i.e. help someone figure out what's wrong with their code, or even offer a general approach, but not write someone code for them.
Mayank SPrincipal TechnologistCommented:
Actually, the format in which you have the data stored is in a slightly different format as compared to properties-files, otherwise that's what you need in this case because that's what they are meant for ;-)
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