Import Xls email addressess

Is it possible I can import a Excel file of all external email addressess to the Global address list?  I have Exchange server 2003 and Windows 2003 SB
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Since Exchange 2003 is tied into Active Directory and the Global address list is taken from AD, the only way to add contacts to the Global Address List is to add them as accounts into your domain in Active Directory.  Not exactly what I would recommend.
You would have to import them as mail enabled contacts.
Depending on how many you have this might be an issue for you. They will also appear in the GAL. I don't like non-staff people appearing in the GAL, it pollutes it and can cause issues.

The end goal would have a bearing on alternative solutions.

If this for simple access, so that your users can use them to send emails to individually, and you don't have any remote users who need to access these contacts, what might be a better option is to import them in to a public folder. This public folder could then be set as an Outlook Address book. Management of the contacts is much easier - someone doesn't need ADUC to maintain the contacts.

If this is for some kind of distribution list then you would be better off with a dedicate application that can manage the list, dealing with bounces unsubscribe options etc.


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