Recordset is not displayed in bindings panel!

Here's a new one. I have a site set up and the testing server is set properly. I have created a new recordset in the server behaviors panel, tested the recordset (it returned the data I needed), and clicked OK to save the recordet.

When I return to the bindings panel to use the recordset fields, there are no fields displayed. DW gives me the message that I must create a recordset for the page!

Hello? It's already created!

Where did my fields go?

Any ideas?

Thank you!
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If you have saved the file i should no problems in having the recordset there for ya, personally i never bother with dreamweaver's building tools, only the coding for me, would you please post up the relevant code for me, so maybe we can help/modify.


Is it possible that you created the recordset for a different page? The database connection is for the entire site, but the recordsets have to be created for each page individually. You can copy a recordset from one page to another if necessary. Just open the page that has the recordset you want to copy, right click the recordset and select Copy. Then move to the page that you want the recordset in, right click in an empty area of the bindings panel and select Paste.

plannettAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the response...  the recordset is not for a different page. Infact, it's a application error... it doesnt matter which site I am on, or what page I am on, the recordset function on the bindings panel is not visible.  I've read in other forums that installing Phakt 2 somehow fixes the error, but I haven't had a chance to test since I am not at work.  Macromedia has not addressed the issue and I know it has happened to others... it's very frustrating, as you might imagine.

Ianaldo - I do really on the applications interface, it speeds up my work flow.  There is no code relevant to this error... the error is in the actual drop down menu generated by clicking the (+) sign in the bindings panel.

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plannettAuthor Commented:
Hi, Sorry for the delay in reply, i was away for the weekend!!

If it is an application error, you may have to try uninstalling it totally from the system and then reinstalling, not sure if that will work, or else it could be a server connection problem, everytime you save to the server it doesn't update the recordets or something like that, have you contacted your server admins about this possible issue, unless you are hosting locally, then make sure all appropriate software is installed and functioning, other than that im not sure what else!

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Hi, just chippin' in...

Have you made even the tiniest change to the code that was inserted for your recordset?  I mean like merging it with an adjacent PHP section, removing the separating ?>...<?php tags?

In my experience, this alone can be enough to make DW think the Recordset it created is no longer valid.
plannettAuthor Commented:
Hello All,

Good News: I finally got it to work
Bad News: I had to reinstall DWMX2004

To be honest with you... having that feature again completely overshadows the work i have to do to re-customize the application back to the way it was.

My hunch is that I installed an extension that was corrupt and screwed up the whole thing.

Thanks again for the participation...

I will divy up points accordingly.
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