Blackberry & Email Reconciliation

I think I might know the answer to this question, but without having a BB of my own to experiment on, I thought it might be best to ask actual BB users in order to appear knowledgable to my BB users here at the office.

 I have a couple BB users here who currently have their mail forwarded from our Exchange Server to the provider's BB Webmail.  Currently messages deleted off their BB devices are not deleted from their Outlook when they dock at the office.

 The BlackBerries appear to offer Email Reconciliation, but does this require that the user use the Desktop Redirector software to forward & sync email, or can they use the Webmail service to forward their mail & do something crazy like synchronize with their outlook VIA the dock when they get back?  The main reason for not using the redirector software is the lack of support for attachments, and I don't think these guys are too exciting about buying the RIM Enterprise BB Server for these folks.  I guess what I'm asking here is, can I have my cake and eat it too?

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No, sorry, you will have to settle for cookies and milk ;-)

You can't do email reconciliation through the webclient.

One thing to consider is that providers often do special deals.....Tmobile was giving away a five client version of BES in exchange for the purchase of five handhelds and the related one year service contracts.  
Do some looking may be able to get them a BES for a lot less than you think.

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You can also look into a hosted solution for BES servers, then you can have your cake and eat as well as the milk and cookies!

On the other hand, those of us with experience of such things consider hosted blackberry services to be far more trouble....and cost....than they are worth.
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Perhaps I do not know the full *etiquette* of this forum yet, I just found it today, but it seems to me that jconchie's last comment was more of an attack on my response rather than a constructive comment.

From "(Question and Answer tips)":
"Part of being an Expert is knowing your stuff. At least as important is treating the asker and your colleagues as professionals. Rudeness, derogatory comments, and sarcastic remarks are uncalled for, and won't be tolerated. Check your ego and your attitude at the door..."

I personally know more than 7100 individuals that are extremely happy with their hosted solution from both ease of use and cost perspectives. I certainly consider myself "experienced" and do not agree with your comment. "those of use with experience..."

You have your opinion, I have mine...........and popping into a bunch of questions that have been answered or are in the process of being answered, with some extraneous comments in the hope of grabbing some split points is a practice we have seen far to much of here in the past......and is considered to be a blatant violation of the "etiquette" here.  I have no idea if that is your motivation, but that is the appearance of what you have done in this TA this afternoon.  If I have misjudged you, you have my the meantime, before you jump in with both feet, perhaps you should look around for a while and  see how things are done...perhaps waiting for some newly posted questions for which you can be the first to offer a solution.
Your apology is accepted.

Thank you.

object to points split....hosted third party solutions for blackberry are mostly discredited....and still do not offer mail reconciliation ..PMcPhedran has popped in with an non answer.
>>and still do not offer mail reconciliation
Are you sure? I had heard some... news on this but I guess I maybe a bit wrong :)) Just rechecked.. you are right

Changed recommendation:
Points for:  JConchie {http:#14399818}

I was going to say give the points to jconchie as I really don't care, but when you make mistakes this big, no way!

There *are* third party hosting providers that do email reconciliation with Lotus Domino *and* Microsoft Exchange. Please feel free to check out We have lots of satisfied customers that use their own Domino or Exchange server and we host the BES for them. Full email reconciliation is provided in the service.

To be fully fair, there are others too, my biggest competitor is IBM, they provide full email reconciliation for both Domino and Exchange. There are more, try a Google search for "BES Hosting" and look at the results and the ads.

I would like to see this information that you have for third party solutions being "mostly discredited..." We are a BlackBerry Alliance Member and are fully supported and referred to by RIM in many situations, as are my competitors. You should be very careful about writing unsubstantiated claims about another person/organization.

If it makes you feel so good to have all these "points" then please feel free to be the first to respond with generic and often incomplete answers, and then attack others that add to answers, correct your mistakes or just generally want to provide complete information. I have stopped responding to these forums specifically because of your attacks, snipes and petty insults. I found these forums as a result of a search for an answer to a question that I had. I understood that you get more by contributing more, so I did. I guess that I didn't realize that this was your own personal forum and that no one else was allowed to respond. Good luck to you, I hope you become a Guru, at least here.

All points to: PMcPhedran
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