iBook G3 with Airport Card

Hi, I have LINKSYS WAP11 and can't connect iBook G3 with Airport Card, can't even see network. I can connect Powerbook G4 and iBook G4.
Hiroyuki TamuraField EngineerAsked:
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Peter LoobuyckCommented:
it should work though. Check if your card is installed ok. What system are you working with? OS 9 or OS X??
Hiroyuki TamuraField EngineerAuthor Commented:
OS X. The system works with another wireless network. weird.
> OS X. The system works with another wireless network. weird.

Is it configured to "only" join the other network?
Is it configured with a static IP address?
Is Airport enabled in the current Location's network settings?
Is the Linksys access point configured for only 802.11g? (Older iBooks use 802.11b)

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I recently had a Powerbook that could not 'see' my Wifi, even though the PowerBook next to it could see it just fine.

A reboot cleared up the problem.
You also might check to see what Channel the network is on and make sure the notebook is on the same channel if I'm not mistaken on some models of linksys they use channel 6 instead of the stock Mac channel 11 and may or maynot find it automatically
Just a thought
Hiroyuki TamuraField EngineerAuthor Commented:
thank you, GrnPhoenix:)
On re-think  (or think-different or I'm-not-as-tired-now, etc)  I'll go with brettmjohnson's suggestion that the Linksys might be set to 802.11g-only.  That would shut out an iBook G3.

Many of the PowerBook G4's and the iBook G4's have "Airport Extreme" cards.  These are 802.11b and 802.11g compatible.  The airport for an iBook G3 would only be 802.11b compatible.

Check that your Linksys is set to allow 802.11b  connections.  

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Hiroyuki TamuraField EngineerAuthor Commented:
thanks, walsellers!
I have to give credit for this to brettmjohnson,  he contributed the "b versus g" answer first.  I don't deserve more than an "assist"
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