Setting Up 2 HP Computers to 1 HP Printer

I have two computers, one laptop running windows xp, and one desktop running windows 2000.  I do not want them to share any files or information, but I do want them to share one printer via a standard USB hub (or one additional USB hub).  Does anyone know of a simple configuration without using a router, or any other devices (except for the hub(s)) to connect the two workstations to one printer via these USB hubs?

-Thanks, Anne
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USB hubs are designed for one host and multiple devices; what you are describing is two hosts and one device, so USB hubs won't work.  A USB switchbox would work: - look at part# USB-1A2B1
anne4mooreAuthor Commented:
Thanks that is correct.  Now what is the exactly configuration or modification that I would have to make  to my current configuration, if I have the laptop connected to a hub with multiple devices, but then I want to use the USB switchbox and use the desktop to work with the (same) multiple devices through the (same) hub?

Take the USB cable that goes from the laptop hub to the printer and send it to the switchbox.  Connect the desktop USB to the switchbox, and then connect the switchbox to the printer.  Now you set the switchbox to whichever computer is printing.
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anne4mooreAuthor Commented:
I have a hub that is receiving the printer USB cable (and other multiple device USB cables) and on the other end of the hub, the USB cable from the laptop.  Where do I add the switchbox? By the way: the out of the cable cord for the printer is USB, while the feed-in to the printer has a just a regular male connector; it is not USB on both sides.

The switchbox goes between the hub and the printer, unless you intend to share all your other USB devices.  I don't understand what you mean by "just a regular male connector"; USB connectors come in multiple varieties:
anne4mooreAuthor Commented:
I just talk to RAM (the company to purchase the switchbox from) about the specs on the switchbox that you are referring to, and they said "they are going to discontinue this item because its not working correct and they are having some technical problems with this device"...are there any other solutions available.  The technical support is suggesting an USB server...any other solutions???
They're talking about a print server with USB, like this:
It requires a network cable from both computers, though, which you may not have set up.  Unfortunately, USB devices were not designed to be shared by multiple hosts, whereas networked devices are.
anne4mooreAuthor Commented:
ok, so what to do next?
You could take a chance on trying a different vendor's switchbox (I haven't tried them):

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