In the function below i am trying to loop through an array of cells (Rows and Columns). I select the desired columns and i loop through the cells in that row in the columns i have chosen, then i move on to the next row and i do the same thing again.

for example
Col A  Col D  Col G
  2        4        5
  3                  1

select/input columns A:D:G
select/input rows      1:2:3

what am doing is, the columns are stored in an array and the rows are stored in an array.
i want to have a nested for loop that loops thorugh the rows one by one. in the first row, the inner for loop goes thorugh each cell on that row to check if there is a value in it. the second row it does the same with the same columns selected.


how can this be done in VB
Function Coo(dat1() As Variant, dat2() As Variant) As Variant 'data2 As Variant, data3 As Variant) As Variant
'Dim cell As Range
Dim intI
Dim d
'For intI = 0 To UBound(dat1)
'For i = 1 To Range.Cells.Count
'For Each d In dat2
For Each intI In dat1
If intI Then
Coo = intI
Exit For
End If
Next intI
'Next d
End Function
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Do you need to go by row, then column, or do you just need to loop through all cells that you have selected?  Also, are you writing a VBA macro.  If so, try:

    Dim oCell As Excel.Range
    For Each oCell In Selection
        DoSomethingTo oCell
    Next oCell



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sadupopsAuthor Commented:
i need to go by row then column.
if i select cells
i want to go thorugh the cells row after row
then the second row
then the third

comparing all the cells in each row and getting some output to print into a selected column

sadupopsAuthor Commented:
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