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I have a HP Laserjet 1320.  In tray 2 I have B5 sized paper, in tray 3 I have letter size paper.

I am unable to print to tray 2 unless there is no paper in tray 3.  The guides inside tray2 are set to B5 and whatever program I print from is set to B5.  I have also configured the printer to know that B5 is in tray 2 and letter is in tray3.

Even if I explicitly tell the printer to print from tray 2, it will print from tray2.  

Does anyone have any ideas?
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You are probably using Hp Pcl 6 driver, try uninstalling it and download Hp Pcl 5e driver here (I assume you are using Windows Xp):

Install it and try printing from tray 2.

A common issue with multiple tray is a software bugs in application print dialog box which prevents options from being set correctly.
Before trying to print set all desired options in Start -> Printer & Faxes -> Hp LaserJet 1320 -> properties, save and launch your application.
tgtcat69Author Commented:
Nope, I'm using the 5e driver, I've had problems in the past with the PCL6 drivers thatr they release.

And I meant to write that if I tell the printer to print from tray2, it will print from tray3 anyway
tgtcat69Author Commented:
And I have configured the printer via the control panel before opening an application, that didn't even help.

Talking to HP for half an hour got me nowhere as well.
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Have you already checked if between printer options (properties -> installed option) "Tray 3 installed" is checked?

Hp 1320 has Postscript L2 emulation, you could try both with official Hp PostScript driver

or Adobe Postscript printer driver:

To install Adobe driver you have to retrieve ppd definition file (HP_LaserJet_1320_Series.ppd) from Hp driver before starting setup program.
did you uninstall/reinstall the printer and software completely? and the use the latest driver? if you did, there is one thing more i don't understand in your first post :  >>  Even if I explicitly tell the printer to print from tray 2, it will print from tray2  <<  ? ?
tgtcat69Author Commented:
Nobus....that was my mistake, I tried to correct it in one of my lasts posts.  If I tell the printer to print from tray2, it will print from tray3.  
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers on the machine, I have also tried printing to it from a totally different computer (its a network printer) and I have
the same effects.

Newuser...I have told the computer that there is a tray three installed...In fact, if I tell the computer that there isn't a tray three installed,  it stil
prints from tray three..

Maybe I should look into the PCL6 drivers...

May I ask you another information? Have you tried loading tray 2 with another paper size (letter, a4 or B4) and check if printer is able to load paper from tray 2?

I'm asking this since I've examined 1320 ppd file and between options I can read the following lines:
*UIConstraints: *PageSize Env10       *InputSlot Tray2
*UIConstraints: *PageSize EnvMonarch  *InputSlot Tray2
*UIConstraints: *PageSize EnvDL       *InputSlot Tray2
*UIConstraints: *PageSize EnvC5       *InputSlot Tray2
*UIConstraints: *PageSize EnvISOB5    *InputSlot Tray2

 They are in the form IF a THEN NOT b so when the printer finds IsoB5 page size disables Tray 2, but in this case different page sizes should work correctly.

Is this right?
tgtcat69Author Commented:
If there isn't any paper in tray3, tray2 is able to pick up the B5 paper.

I haven't tried putting any thing else in tray2 and printing to it because tray3 is unable to pick up the heavier
B5 paper.
If tray selection fails only with B5 paper while it works with all other paper sizes  problem comes from driver. In this situation using PostScript driver may actually help since you would be able to edit Ppd file removing (commenting) undesired options by hand.

If tray selection fails with any paper size and any driver problem is hardware related. Since Lj 1320 has been introduced no more than one year ago it should be covered by warranty and you should have the possibility to return it to a service dealer for repair.
The paper size in your application may we overriding the other settings. Check the page setup or the application's printing defaults, whichever is relevant in this case.

tgtcat69Author Commented:
I guess I'll have to try the the post script driver and see how it works...the printer is at work so I can't do it right now.

I"ll let you know how it turns out.

In the mean time, any one else have any other suggestions?
tgtcat69Author Commented:
The Adobe PS file and the HP PS file didn't work, even after I had a programmer here edit the PPD file and told the driver to send B5 to tray to all the time.  I do like the Adobe driver better then the HP one though.

Any other ideas?
tgtcat69Author Commented:
The only PPD file I can find is for a mac....will it work with PC's?  

Places where I could download a PPD file for Windows would be apprecieated
Yes, Ppd file for Mac will work since compatibility statement refers to Postscript implementation and not to operative system, mac ppd are usually tested on Ghostscript and they are installed also on Unix machines.

Adobe has its own collection of ppd files but they are usually old, up to date ppd files can be found at

where you have probably downloaded your one; it is also possible to extract them from Mac Os X drivers.

However since the problem persists also with Adobe driver it should be an hardware problem. Pcl driver and Adobe Postscript driver expose printer functionalities to applications in different way and they create print jobs in different languages, the only reason I can imagine for this behaviour is an hardware failure.

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tgtcat69Author Commented:
Yeah, I downloaded the PPD file I have from

I'll have to speak to HP, see if I can get them to fix this.  Their tech support hasn't been of much help though.
tgtcat69Author Commented:
Finally got HP to ok the repair of the printer after an hour on the phone. They said something about a bad paper selection unit??

Her first reaction was that it shouldn't be plugged into a surge protector because the surge protector wouldn't give the printer enough power to work...duh...

Anyways, thanks for all your help newuser4
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