How do I display a "please wait" message while processing a form?

I'm using CFMX 7 and processing a form that waits for a CC authorization. Sometimes it is very quick, but other times it takes a few seconds.

I'd like to display a "please wait..." or a count-down timer till the authorization is received to display to the user.

Anyone know of a script that does this? <cfflush>?
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There is no actual way as far as I know for a count-down.

The best you can do is something like the please wait or a "processing" message.  You display it first then you have it removed via javascript when the processing is complete.

So your form needs to submit to a page that doesn't do the CC.  Then it shows the message while a background job does the CC processing.  The background job then does a javascript redirect once procesing is complete.
Hi djbrannan,
Mrichmon's suggestion is correct besides that...
describes the detailed answer of your question.

Hi djbrannan!

If you want to go into the detail that pinaldave mentioned then that's great -  However, I usually use a very basic approach. (Literally extremely basic)  After the customer submits the credit card form at the top of the verification page just plop a blob of text that says "Processing Please Wait..." (No tags... just basic text)  It is very basic but it does the trick, and I have provided an example below!

<cfif loginUser.recordCount>
Logging In...
      <cfcookie name="LoggedIn" value="" expires="never">
      <cfheader name="Refresh" value="0; URL=#Go_To_Page#">

If you notice, I have the "Logging In..." text just floating there not attached to any functionality.
Hope this helps!


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djbrannanAuthor Commented:
Simple works for me.

Often times we tend to over think things, but this worked very well.

Thank you.
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