Re-Promote Domain Controller to Resume Previous Role?

I have this one domain controller on a Windows 2000 domain that was improperly removed from the domain (it was not demoted).  Although the server is no longer active as a domain controller, Active Directory still contains all the domain controller information as if it still existed.  I was wondering what would happen if I re-promote a new domain controller with the same name/IP address?  Would the new domain controller now act as the old one as far as all the Active Directory information pointing to it or will the SID information, for example, be different making the new promotin to the old name obsolete?

If this will not resume the role as the old server, what's the best way to remove the existing information that is no longer valid?

If it does resume the older server's role, will there be any negetive side affects?

Any help here would be great. Thanks!
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i doubt you would be able to re-add it.

here is how to remove references to the old DC from AD:;en-us;230306

disrgard the first link, it is how to remove a DOMAIN, not a DC.  
the second link is how to remove a DC.

Repromoting a server with the same name etc won't work, it'll have a different PID and for the domain it will therefore be a different server.

With adsi edit (part of the resourcekit tools), you can remove remnants of the old server in AD.

The following link also explains how to remove a DC after an unsuccesfull demotion:;en-us;216498

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