User Control Images do not appear on sub directory web pages

Hi experts,

I am working on an .ASP net project. I have created some user controls which are in a folder named "Controls" . This folder also contains the images folder that store user control images.

I have no problem viewing the controls with their images on folders that are in the main directory, like the default.aspx page.
But when i insert these controls to another pages which are under some folders, and view it on browser i am ot able to see the images on user controls.

One way to solve this problem i found is to have an images folder on all sub folders in my project, but this is not managable of course.

I would appreciate if anyone can help me on how to fix this problem, and some best practices on how to deal with similar problems.

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HeadspaceCommented: are you assigning the path to the image in the user controls?
cakirfatihAuthor Commented:
since the user control and image folder are in the same folder, when i look at the propoerties of the image it shows like this  " images/img17"

i am not sure if this responds your question.
ok, try adding the full path to the image in the user control.  So, instead of using "images/img17", use "~/Controls/images/img17".

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cakirfatihAuthor Commented:
ok i will try this
but what is the  ~ sign you typed for the path means?
'~' is used to denote the root directory of the site, so if the 'Controls' folder is not located at the root, then you'll need to place the appropriate path between '~' and 'Controls'.
cakirfatihAuthor Commented:
I have also used document relative links for the pictures

thanks for your response
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