Cross browser image fade out script

Any suggestions for a widely compatible fade out script that will fade an image over a set time?

Thank you,

Fritz the Blank
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fritz_the_blankAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the post. I was hoping that someone had one that they were currently using so that I know that it is tested, reliable, cross browser, and so forth.

I found dozens via google but have no idea which one to trust.

A few months back I faced the same problem.
I found out that image transparency (or opacity) is only supported in IE, Mozilla,  Firefox and Safari. There's no way you can set image transparency in Opera for example ... (besides using a defferent PNG image for each step)

So I concluded to use a flash movie to display the image: Very easy and by far the most compatible with all browsers ....

If you want dynamic control over image transparency, my advice is to use flash.
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Yeah, I realized what you meant after I noticed your name. :)
fritz_the_blankAuthor Commented:
Given the traffic in this site, I was hoping to be flooded with suggestions!

Steffest--did you find a good one that worked with most browsers?

If flash is not an option, I use something like this:

function Fade(objID,CurrentAlpha,TargetAlpha,steps){

            var obj = document.getElementById(objID);
            CurrentAlpha = parseInt(CurrentAlpha);
            if (isNaN(CurrentAlpha)){
                  CurrentAlpha = parseInt(*100);
                  if (isNaN(CurrentAlpha))CurrentAlpha=100;
            var DeltaAlpha=parseInt((CurrentAlpha-TargetAlpha)/steps);
            var NewAlpha = CurrentAlpha - DeltaAlpha;
   = (NewAlpha / 100);
   = 'alpha(opacity='+NewAlpha+')';
            if (steps>1){
                  setTimeout('Fade("'+objID+'",'+NewAlpha+','+TargetAlpha+','+(steps-1)+')', 50);

objID is the ID of the object you want to fade
TargetAlpha is the % of opacity you want as result
steps is the amount of steps of the fade in 1/20 seconds (this controls the speed of the fade)

this will fade in or out depending on the value of TargetAlpha

The reason why CurrentAlpha is also passed as parameter is that Mozilla and Firefox sometimes read out an incorrect value of when called every 50 miliseconds, so passing the CurrentAlpha param is much safer.

Example can be found at

Works in every browser that supports opacity (IE4+, mozilla, firefox, safari, Konqueror)

Hope this helps!

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fritz_the_blankAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all for posting.

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