how to join 10 clients to a domain?!

is there a way to join 10 or more clients to a domain automatically without going to each client and configure it manually?
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As far as I know NOPE, sorry.
But I always find it better to do each one at a time, gives you a chnace to check the machines setup is correct.
mkhalidmnAuthor Commented:
i meant how can i do such thing ... if any one can answer it, he/she will get the points....
netdom /domain:savilltech /user:savillj /password:nottelling member <computer name> /joindomain
where <computer name> is the name of your machine, e.g. johnstation

You can do the above from the command line

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2hype, interesting but you still needto be logged on locally to do this.
I think it will work if your logged onto a machine that is already on the network with Administrative Credentials.  Im assuming thats why they ask for <computer name>, If it was just for the local computer I dont see the need for them asking for computername because it should automatically figure out the computer name.
mkhalidmnAuthor Commented:

i dont want to log on into any client... just want to join them automatically through the server 2003.
2Hype, what is the point in running a command line script if you have to be logged in with domain admin powers.
Surely if you are logged in like this, adding the machine to the domain is dead easy !
So why bugger about with unneeded win2k resources !!!
<<<What is the point in running a command line script if you have to be logged in with domain admin poers>>>>

Because you can sit on the Server or a computer with the NetDOM Utlilty logged in as administrator and Join all 10 machines by sitting at 1 machine and adding the machines through the command line.

<<<Surely if your are logged in like this, adding the machine to the domain is dead easy>>>>
How do you suppose you are going to log onto 1 machine and add 10 machines to the domain without physically touching not 1 of them.

All you have to do is log onto 1 machine as the administrator, open the command prompt
netdom /domain:savilltech /user:savillj /password:nottelling member <computer name> /joindomain
where <computer name>

copy the above command with your values changed and paste them in the command line, change the computername and press enter.  Do this for each computer name.

That is how you add the computer to the domain remotley from 1 machine.  
Now I see it.
I read the article wrongly.
Thanx for the explaination 2hype.

You could also use sysprep to add a new machine to a domain, I found this while I was looking for an answer
mkhalidmnAuthor Commented:

where can i find the NETDOM.EXE utality in windows server 2003?
mkhalidmnAuthor Commented:

i installed the service tools and typed this in the comment prompt

netdom / /user:administrator /password:123456 member<Xpert> /joindomain

but i get this messege
The system cant find the file specified

mkhalidmnAuthor Commented:


i used this command instead

netdom add:Xpert
and it added the computer name in the Active Directory but when i restart the computer (Xpert) it doesnt join the domain automatically and goes directly to the administrator account.
mkhalidmnAuthor Commented:

hi again 2hype

i did it by but by using this command

netdom join xpert / /UserD:administrator /PasswordD:123456 /UserO:administrator /PasswordO:1a2s3dAA /REBoot:15

Note: i disabled the value which is called forceguest  in the registry of the  client computers before i executed the command in the server 2003

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