How to open a software file in the ASCII format?

Hello All,
I want to open a software file in the ASCII format. The file is run in a program HOT3000 (an engineering software) and it is a '.hse' file(house file).
If I could open it in ASCII format somehow, then I can change the description of file easily. The normal ways of "Open With....", if tried with Word or notepad render illegible characters.
 So is there any other way to do this?
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User Notepad
or WordPad
Hi iceb,
I am not sure what you mean by illegible characters. You said you want to open the file in an ASCII editor?! Well, if notepad doesn't work, wordpad certainly works. Is this an executable format file?
I use win32pad from nullsoft and its free.
Or you can use Textpad. Both are great at opening ascii files.

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If you encounter "illegible characters", the file might be partly binary (you can try that by saving it and open it with the original app, if it fails, it is binary). If so, I'd suggest to use a hex editor to do that, with being one of the real good ones.
icebAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply.
 win32pad did not work at all. However hex editior is ok but still there are many characters unrecgonized.
Um, if a hex editor is OK and win32pad does not work at all, *why* did you accept that as an answer???
icebAuthor Commented:

Plz close this question. I got an add-in from the software company to open the ASCII files.

Closed and 500 points refunded.

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