decrypting a word files encryption key

I have a office 97/2000 compatable word file that is encrypted with a password that I cannot remember.  I have the encryption key but how do I decrypt it so that I can open the file or get the password?  This is my first question so I don't know If I've give all the info you need. Thanks
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Aland CoonsSystems EngineerCommented:
If the protection is provided my MS Word then you need to open the file first.
If the protection is encryption there will be a password required to open the file.
If the protection is only to keep you from editing it after opening choose Tools / Unprotect then type in your password.

The same password used to protect the document can unencrypt it.
If you "encryption key" cannot unlock the document then you must be using security other than or in addition to MS Word security and encryption.

To see how to setup these options open a blank (new) document and go to Tools / Options / Security.
There you can input encryption and protection options including passwords.
KJENNERAuthor Commented:
There is a password required to open the file.  I tried using a trial version of the Advanced Office Password Breaker(by Elcomsoft), but it only gave me the encyption key not the password, but I don't know where to go from there.   I'm trying to work backwards from that to get the password.  Is there a program I can run on the encryption key to have it convert it back to the password or is there somewhere in word that I can just use the encryption key to open the file?  Thanks for any help!
Aland CoonsSystems EngineerCommented:
The encryption key is probably worthless information but a marketing way for them to claim the document is crackable.
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