Importing a JPEG image into flash..

Why is it that when I import a JPEG image into a flash document it becomes lighter and less saturated then what its original image was?
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Because Flash works in Vector format, which means images can be scaled and zoomed into withour losing quality, flash is simply converting the image into a vector image so it can work with it, so you may end up losing some quality with it.
Flash doesn't automatically convert bitmaps to vector.  Your bitmap images stay bitmaps unless you manually covert them to vector using the trace bitmap function.

Flash generally doesn't alter the image in any way.

If your colors are coming out funky you need to make sure that your jpegs are 8bit RGB with no special embeded color profiles.

Also, depending on the format you built the image in, flash can sometimes resample it when you import it to the stage.
To avoid this, import it to the library instead of the stage.  Then drag it from the library to the stage.


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