CGI Error - HTTP headers - MS Server 2003 - Python


We are trying to migrate a Xerox program called DocuShare from NT Server to Windows Server 2003, running IIS 6.0. This program uses a program called python. We have not been able to get it to run yet! The home page loads fine, but each subsequent page (which calls a script) produces the following CGI error:

CGI Error
The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers.

The only installation guide that I have is for IIS 3.0/4.0 and NT and I have tried to improvise, but I think I'm missing something. Does anyone have any idea what I may be missing?


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that error is displayed when the script produces no output at all, like when it hangs or crashes during execution.  first thing to try is check if it permission related - right click the web site, properties, then directory security tab.  uncheck 'allow anonymous' and make sure that at least one of the authentication methods is checked.

now try to access the web scripts again.  you will be asked to provide username/password - enter a high level administrator credentials.  if that makes it work, then we need to look at permissions on relevent directory locations.

if it makes no difference, then it is something else.  another thing to try (if it worked ok in IIS5) is to set the IIS to IIS5 compatinble mode - right click 'web sites node' (ie /not/ one of the actual web sites), then choose service tab and check IIS5 mode.

let us know your results.


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TammiColeAuthor Commented:
No, that didn't work. I am not sure about it being permissions related, because the permissions is set up completely different from NT to 2003 and I'm not quite sure what I'm doing. However, the rest of the web site works and we have ASP pages containing server-side and client-side scripts running with no problems.

Is it possible that my DocuShare program is designed for a different version of CGI? Are there CGI versions?

Is there anything else I can try?


>> Is it possible that my DocuShare program is designed for a different version of CGI? Are there CGI versions?

probably not, and not really.

CGI is implemented slightly differently by different web server software, but the concept is the same: server variables provided to the application as environment variables.

it still could be permissions issue, like if the application attempts to access data or components that the intercative web user does not have rights to could cause the application to hang or crash while waiting for the result.

i assume that you have sought some support from the docushare vendor - any relevant comments from them?

TammiColeAuthor Commented:
No relevent comments from support's complicated. We are migrating to a centralized system, but they cannot migrate me til August. Since we are migrating, they will not supply me with an upgrade and no one has had need to implement the version I am using on Server 2003, since version 4.01 is now available.

I appreciate your help. I think we are going to try leaving it on the old system for now and just point to it until our migration.

Thanks again,

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