PIX515E UR with VAC+


Does the PIX 515E UR comes with embedded VAC or VAC+

How do i find out if which one is it?

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It depends on which flavor of PIX 515e you are getting, VAC and VAC+ are cards that will take the load off of the processor to boost VPN Acceleration.

Take a look at the fact sheet for 515s:

The big difference is the VAC+ can handle AES, VAC can onle go up to 3DES -

• 168-bit 3DES IPSec VPN throughput: Up to 135 Mbps with VAC+ or 63 Mbps with VAC

• 128-bit AES IPSec VPN throughput: Up to 130 Mbps with VAC+

• 256-bit AES IPSec VPN throughput: Up to 130 Mbps with VAC+


<How do i find out if which one is it?>

Q. How can I check if the Cisco PIX Firewall VAC+ is installed in a chassis?
A. From the Cisco PIX command prompt, issue the show version command.

Q. How can I check if the Cisco PIX Firewall VAC+ is encrypting or decrypting packets?
A. From the Cisco PIX command prompt, issue the show crypto engine verify command.



Q. What is the Cisco PIX® Firewall VPN Accelerator Card Plus?
A. The Cisco PIX Firewall VPN Accelerator Card Plus (VAC+) for the Cisco PIX Firewall series is the latest Cisco hardware-based accelerator designed to provide higher-performance tunneling, and encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard [AES], Data Encryption Standard [DES], and Triple DES [3DES]) services suitable for site-to-site and remote-access applications. Offloading encryption functions to the card not only improves IP Security (IPSec) encryption processing, but also maintains high-end firewall performance.


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spongebob256Author Commented:
i did the show ver command, i don't see anything about the VAC or VAC+

I thought they come embeded on the PIX515E UR , and that can't be remove?

can anyone confirm that?
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the VAC may be integrated into a PIX UR or they can be purchassed like the VAC+ as a daughter card that is installed into a PCI slot it is not hardwired in.
here is a picture of a VAC: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/vpndevc/ps2030/products_data_sheet09186a008007d0bf.html

from: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/vpndevc/ps2030/products_qanda_item09186a0080148723.shtml

VPN Accelerator Card

The VPN Accelerator Card (VAC) for the Cisco PIX security appliance series is a card that provides high-performance, tunneling and encryption services suitable for site-to-site and remote access applications. The VAC is integrated with PIX 515 unrestricted (UR) and failover (FO) bundles. You can also purchase the VAC as a spare for use with PIX 515s that have a restricted (R) license.
VPN Accelerator Card+

The VAC+ is a 64-bit/66 MHz PCI card that provides faster tunneling and encryption services for Virtual Private Network (VPN) remote access, and site-to-site intranet and extranet applications, than the VAC. Each VAC+ occupies a single PCI slot in the system. The VAC+ is supported on any chassis that runs Version 6.3 software or later, has an appropriate license to run VPN software, and at least one PCI slot available. While the VAC continues to be supported in Version 6.3, if both types of cards, the VAC and the VAC+, are installed in a system running Version 6.3, the VAC card is ignored. The VAC+ runs at both 32-bit/33 MHz and 64-bit/66 MHz, and does not slow down the bus when other 66 MHz cards are installed. We strongly recommend that you install the VAC+ in a 64bit/66 MHz slot. Performance is degraded if this recommendation is not followed.


spongebob256Author Commented:
i have the 515E UR, i don't see the card, i wonder if it's embeded or integrated onto the board?

How do i find out if it's integrated?

Show ver doesn't tell me anything about the vac

from: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/sw/netmgtsw/ps2032/prod_release_note09186a008043f18d.html#wp121202

The PDM 3.0(3) Home Page now indicates whether a VPN accelerator card (VAC) or VAC+ is present or not.


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