Create regsvr32 unreg shortcut

I forget how to modify a shortcut to regsvr32 to perform an unregister. I tried editing the properties of my regsvr32 shortuct and add a -u but it doesn't like it.

I want to just drag my dlls on top of my shortcut to register and create a shortuct for unregistering my dlls
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Hi dba123:
Create a new text file on your desktop, but give it a .bat extension.
Something like unregister.bat

As its only line type something like C:\Windows\System32\regsvr32 -u %0

If my memory is right from my DOS days, %0 (it might be %1) gets substituted by the file you drag there.

I think the syntax might have changed in your case. On XP Pro here, gotta add:


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dba123Author Commented:
so:  "C:\Documents and Settings\sss\Desktop\regsvr32.exe" /u-    ? for the target path in the properties of the shortcut?
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Why are you asking this in the VB.NET area? ;-)
> so:  "C:\Documents and Settings\sss\Desktop\regsvr32.exe" /u-    ? for the
> target path in the properties of the shortcut?

No. regsvr32.exe is in the system32 folder, not on your desktop, unless you copied it over.
And what I am proposing is not to have a shortcut, but a batch file.

dba123Author Commented:
asking int the VB.NET area because VB is where a lot of dlls are used
dba123Author Commented:
yea, i copied it over and created a shortcut.  now I just want to add a switch to the shortcut to make it unregister
dba123Author Commented:
trying the batch file now but I've done this before using a shortcut, just can't get the syntax to work right in the shortcut properties
dba123Author Commented:
I want to do this with a shortcut...

REGSVR32.EXE -u "d:\ASPSmartUpload\aspSmartUpload.dll"
If you insist.
Have you tried C:\Windows\System32\regsvr32.exe /u- as the target of your shortcut?
Can I assume that you are on WinXP?

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