Display Chinese from Unicode using FPDF

I need some help. In our DB we have some chinese characters that look like this 红 and when put on a web page it look just like a Chinese character.

We need this to happen in a PDF using FPDF. In the FPDF example for displaying Chinese characters he gives this example...

$pdf=new PDF_Chinese();
$pdf->Write(10,'²{®É®ð·Å 18 C Àã«× 83 %');

What I need to know, is how I can convert this (红) to this format (®É®ð·Å 18 C Àã«× 83 %). If I can get it in that format then I think I can get it to display Chinese in our PDF.
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Well, I don't know Chinese, so I don't really have any way to check this, but I tried it, and it at least made a PDF with a chinese character in it:

1) Copy this function to your file, call it test.php: http://codes.myfreewares.com/php/Unicode/utf8Encode.php-file.html

2) copy the FPDF_Chinese class from here:

and save it to a file Chinese.php. Change the first line require_once ('Fpdf.php');  to require_once ('fpdf.php'); and put it in your FPDF folder along with fpdf.php, fonts, etc...

3) in your test.php do this:

$a =utf8Encode('红');

define(FPDF_FONTPATH,'/path/to/FPDF/font/');  //note trailing slash

$pdf=new FPDF_Chinese();
$pdf->Output('test.pdf', 'F');

This will create a file test.pdf with a single Chinese character in it. The right one? I have no idea -- you'll have to tell me :) I will say it doesn't look like the one displayed in my browser by 红 but I'm not sure if that makes it wrong or not...

Hope this helps...if not, I'm sorry to say that I'm out of ideas....

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chadsaunAuthor Commented:
That did work Matt. Thanks. Now we just need to get our translator and figure out if it echo'd the right character :P
Hi!  Does anyone still have the file "http://codes.myfreewares.com/php/Unicode/utf8Encode.php-file.html."  

I, too, am trying to get PDF to display chinese characters...

Thanks for your help.
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