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I have a question that I am beginning to think maybe I should have posted here

 I am trying to network a Win2K machine with a Win98se machine

Win2k machine only sees itself (in network neighborhood)

Win98 machine sees Win2k machine (but not itself) in network neighborhood, but no devices on it, even though I have them shared on Win2k

When I boot up Win2K it zooms right past the logon. I.E. I dont know exactly what is happening there. I dont know what I did to prevent it from making me logon, or how to undo it, if that is necessary.

Looking at Users and Passwords there are three ussers  Administrator and Don Singleton are both in Administrator group and there is guest.  When I install programs they sometimes go to Don Singleton and sometimes to all

I cannot seem to create a user on Win2K (add is greyed out)

Can someone go over there and see if you can help me?

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Hi Singleton,
The first problem is that you have the "autologon" feature enabled somehow. You can disable it with registry modification or via the local security policy setting.
Then you need to make sure you can logon using the administrator account. This way you will be able to add the users and perform other operations that you intend.



I dont see anything in HELP about autologon. I see Local Security Policies, but dont know what to look for then

How do I enable/disable autologin?


I figured out the logon stuff

setings > control panel > users and passwords had a users must enter a logon/password to use this computer and it was not checked

I did not set a password, so I logon by Don Singleton and it seems to work, but I still dont see anything except for singleton (I dont see helpingt) and the Win98 sees singleton, but when I try to logon to resource \\singleton\ipc$ (whatever that is) when I click ok (no password) I get the password is incorrect; try again.

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Leandro IaconoSenior Premier Field Engineer

Regreatfully that is normal. You will not be able to get windows98 to ask for a password.

Instead you should do 1 of 2. Create an exact username with same password from windows98 computer on the windows 2000 computer and add that user with full access to the share, or create a user in windows98 which is already in windows2000 and use that user to access the share ...

You could also enable the Guest account on windows 2000, but this is a major security risk ... you could try it out for testing purposes though ...

Although the link is for windowsNT .. it applies in some way to what your dealing with ...;en-us;139592


To add users in windows 2000 make sure your logged on with admin account:



I am not sure I understand all this

I created a user "lan" on both machines, with identical passwords, and the lan on Win2k is a member of admin group

I rebooted Win98 and tried to access, and network was not available. I did a shutdown and power off and brought up Win98 as lan, and I can now see the shared folders on Win2K

I dont see the entire hard drive, even though it is marked shared

Win2k still does not see Win98 machine (do I have to be logged on as Lan on it? right now I am logged on as Don Singleton, although both of us are members of the Admin group)
Leandro IaconoSenior Premier Field Engineer

Ok, let me try to explain. Windows 98 is not a networking type of computer. So it is kinda difficult to get windows 98 to work properly on a network ...

What I would recommened you doing is the following...

BTW, on a first note, Nevermind if a user is in admins group on the windows 2000 computer. That doesn't matter.

You have created user "lan" on both computers with same exact password. You have to make sure 2 things are in place.

First, you have to make sure you are logged on with user LAN on the windows98 computer. Second you have to make sure that the user LAN has access rights on the share and on the NTFS security properties (by defualt the everyone group is in the ntfs properties, which means that everyone can access the ntfs, but you got to be sure).

Once you know that the user lan is granted full access in both places, you can then access the shares on the windows 2000 computer.

To be able to access a share on windows 98 computer, you would have to logon to the windows 2000 computer with the user LAN and then access the windows 98 share through that user. Again make sure all rights are correctly assigned ...

"and I can now see the shared folders on Win2K. I dont see the entire hard drive, even though it is marked shared"

This is good, and is a good indication that the users you created are working. The problem might be that the user LAN is not granted correct access on the Drive share, or in the NTFS security tab ... check that out.

"Win2k still does not see Win98 machine (do I have to be logged on as Lan on it? right now I am logged on as Don Singleton, although both of us are members of the Admin group)"

Again you have to be logged on as LAN on the windows 2000 computer to be able to access the windows 98 computer ...


I have logged on to Win2K as lan, with the Win98 also logged on as lan, and I still do not see the Win98 machine

I can get it to work if I work through the Win98 machine, pulling files from Win2k, but I really wanted to be able to push them from Win2k.

Incidently Win2K is fat32, specifically so that I could have a network with win98 machines. I guess it was lucky I did that, since otherwise I suspect Win98 would not see anything on Win2k

Do you know of anything I might be able to do to see Win98 from Win2k?
Senior Premier Field Engineer
You probably haven't correctly shared the folder on the windows 98 computer. ..

check out the link. that might help you.


Fantastic!!!!   Success


For others viewing the PAQ, UICE provided the final piece of the question at
Leandro IaconoSenior Premier Field Engineer

Glad I could help out!


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