Blocking Java and Active X through Linksys firewall?

I just blocked Java on my Linksys Firewall router but cannot access or open up certain webpages when using Firefox. The Java/Javascript is also disabled through Firefox.

What can I do? Should I ENABLE it through Firefox and block Java ONLY through the router in order for my webpages to function normally or will it give me the same negative results if I ONLY block Java through my router?
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Well, for starters why are you blocking java on your router?

if you block a service, an application, or a file type at the edge it will not matter what you do inside your network it will never get there.

If a web page that you want to get access to has java embeded in it and you have java blocked by your router it will not matter how firefox is configured.

I would leave java available through the router, and make sure that your AV is kept current and you patch your OS and apps on a regualr basis.


I'm using firefox myself too, all I have disabled is in advanced javascript settings:

[ ] disable context menu
[ ] disable status bar
[ ] change statusbar text

Then I'm using this extention: IDND ->

+ I'm using / surfing in the internet as restricted user. This way there is no need to block java/javascript. Possible damage is quite limited.

As decoleur already pointed out, use a decent antivirus solution (we are NOT talking about the norton-snail-solution here) and use a spyware detector like spybot search&destroy with its teatimer realtime protection.

jslayton01Author Commented:
Ok, Is it UNCHECKED or checked??? Im confused.
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Tim HolmanCommented:
It's best to block Java on the host - that way, connections are guaranteed to get handled properly.
[x] checked,

[ ] unchecked.

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I really don't understand the security issues you see in the use of java.

If we would discuss about activeX, I would get that point, but java naturally running in a sandbox, has no default permissions to mess up your system.

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