Meta-Data Copying in MS SQL Server

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I have on MS SQL Server one base DB, and 5 additional DBs which are similar to the first, but they have no data (or at least they have different data from each others and from the base DB). The base DB is the one that is used for testing the software on it, when something appears wrong in the meta-data of this base DB it is being corrected on it (like a field in a table which turns out that it should accept a NULL value or have a default value); this change in the meta-data of the base DB means that I have to do the same change in the 5 other DBs. Is there any way that could allow me to copy the new state of the base DB's meta-data onto the other 5 DBs (using some Stored Procedure or something similar), so I don't have to keep on repeating the changes that I do everytime, 5 times??
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Sounds like you need a modeling tool that can generate change scripts (Sybase Powerdesigner, Erwin, Xcase, etc).  However, redgate software offers SQL Compare that can do some pretty remarkible stuff as well:


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mte01Author Commented:
It looks great!!.....I'll have a look at it, and I'll inform you of the results......
mte01Author Commented:
The tool is fine......thanks for the link!!
You bet--they do have some very nice products!
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