PCI Express Issues...

My friend recently got some parts together to rebuild his older computer.
This consisted of a new Motherboard, Processor, and Video Card.

The motherboard is some "Extreme KN1" nforce4 (its actually fairly nice)
Processor is some AMD64
and the Video Card is a PCI Express GeForce 6200.

Here's the problem:

Installed everything fine and dandy, but once we stick the monitor into the card, nothing happens.
The screen goes blank and gets the "no input detected" message. Origninally I thought you had to configure some settings in the BIOS (you know, liek when you swtich your computer from an AGP card to a PCI one) but how can I when I cant even see anything? There is no onboard video or anything of the sort, and I lack any pci video cards to aid me through this process. What can I do?
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Also change the slot for the PCI Extended card and see if windows finds it. If not and you get the same message, then I would suspect the card.  If you can return the card for another one. Possibly it is defective.
gonzal13 is right, it should show some sort of video. It will run with crappy settings until you get windows to boot and then you will be able to load the drivers.

It is possible that the display settings are too much for your monitor. Try booting the computer in safe mode and load it with VGA support. Then you can install the drivers and reboot the machine and see if your video card still works. If not, it sounds defective to me. Hope this helps!
CrankyCookieAuthor Commented:
Well the problem is, i cant get ANYTHING up at all.
Like i boot up the comp and the monitor is just blank the entire time.
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As I understand the problem is starting the comp (no signal on the monitor). Unless you get another card from somebody you can not tell if is the card or rhe motherboard. Try also reseting the bios (must be a jumper on the motherboard or if not remove the battery from the motherboard and make a shortcircuit between + an - there ). The bios settings should be allright as I don't see on the specs of the motherboard any AGP so it should be on default PCI EXPRESS, so a simple reset of BIOS should do it. Your monitor also could be the problem but I onestly don't think so

Remove everything that isn't absolutly essential, just leave the CPU, one stick of RAM and the video card. Try the RAM using diferent slots, and if there are more than one stick, try it using the other one.

Can you also tell us the mainboard manufacture and exact motherboard part number?

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since you build the computer with old parts, it can be that the power supply is not delivering enough power. The new mobo, processor and video card use alot more power.
you can check what you need here :

CrankyCookieAuthor Commented:
Okay, I wish there was a way to rename this but i think i found the problem:

its not the video, its either PSU, CPU, or Mobo.

It wasnt that the card was f'ed up or anything, it just wouldnt boot up. It would power up, but not get past that (blinking led's). I rearranged ram, tried new ram, reinstalled the cpu,- nothing worked. (I even took it out of the case to make sure there wasnt any shorts or anything)

So the NEW problem is, how to get this b*tch started up??
Can you tell us who makes this  "Extreme KN1" and if this is the actual name or if there is another name for it?
you can swap the PSU, and check what mobo you have; mostly it is in white lettering on the mobo.
If possible, you can test the cpu in another mobo.
CrankyCookieAuthor Commented:
Ah- figured out what the problem was- mobo was faulty
got a new Abit one and it worked like a charm :)
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