Client failing to retry after getting 1222 error after LOCK_TIMEOUT

I am testing a client sever application and need to verify the operation of locking handling.

When I use Query Analyzer to obtain a lock, and then use the thick client to attempt a transaction that requires that lock, I can see that an error 1222 is raised (by using SQL profiler) after the appropriate amount of time, but the client does not attempt to retry!

The application vendor says that when they run an identical test, the client retries three times before giving up.

I have searched various sites but can not see any general problems reported that might cause this behavior, but I may not have looked hard enough!

Is there any setting on the database side that could cause such differences in client behavior?

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Really depends on how the application handles the error when received.  You can be blocked from a lock (and most applications will wait), and you can also be a "Victim of a deadlock".  if you're a victim, SQL Server might kill your process and there probably wouldn't be a "retry".
rpmsolAuthor Commented:
The test I am having problems with does not include a deadlock scenario.

I manually lock some records in Table A with Query Analyser and then try and execute a transaction with the thick client, that needs to obtain a lock on some of the already locked records.  The software developer said that the thick client application should retry 3 times in the event of a 1222 error, and I can see that a 1222 error is raised by running SQL Profiler, but the retries are not occurring.

The developer can not reproduce my situation, as he always sees the retries, and is asking about the versions of my SQL Server software, OS....

It is my understanding that the issue (i.e. not attempting any retries) is client related, rather than server related.

Yes, it is client related--make your developer fix it....

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rpmsolAuthor Commented:
Developed fixed problem!
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