combobox adding a new record to a table

i have a combobox which works as far as pulling the total customers from a table and showing me them one so i can select him/her ?

is it possible to allow a user to type in a new name and then it could populate a new record for my table ?
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Yes, you would use the not in list event of the combobox.  Assuming you want to create a new record in the table that is the record source of the form the combobox is in:

Private Sub <ComboBoxName>_NotInList(NewData As String,  Response As Integer)

runcommand acCmdRecordsGoToNew       'goto new record
<TextBoxBoundToName> = NewData        'Put the new info that is not in list in the name field (the name field can be invisible)
Response = acDataErrAdded                     'Cancel the not in list error and requery the combobox

End Sub
aot2002Author Commented:
no i want to create the record via a different table then the current form the combo box is on?

can i execute sql ? example would help me
The approach of thenelson is correct, however the code is a bit off.

This is a more elaborate example adapted from the MsAccess help. Please replace: yourComboBox, yourTable and yourField with the correct names.

You have to set the LimitToList property to Yes and create a NotInList event:

Private Sub yourComboBox_NotInList(NewData As String, Response As Integer)
  Dim ctl As Control
  'Return Control object that points to combo box.
  Set ctl = Me!yourComboBox
  'Prompt user to verify they wish to add new value.
  If MsgBox("Value is not in list. Add it?", vbOKCancel) = vbOK Then
    'Set Response argument to indicate that data is being added.
     Response = acDataErrAdded
    CurrentDb.execute "insert into yourTable (yourFieldName) values ('" & ctl.value & "')", dbFailOnError
    ' If user chooses Cancel, suppress error message and undo changes.
    Response = acDataErrContinue
  End If
End Sub

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aot2002Author Commented:

CurrentDb.Execute "insert into tblContactInformation LastName values ('" & Combo390.Text & "')", dbFailOnError

fail on insert statement ????
aot2002Author Commented:
CurrentDb.Execute "insert into tblContactInformation (LastName) values ('" & Combo390.Text & "')", dbFailOnError

got it thanks
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