ADSL, DSL Vs. Dedicated Internet Access ¡!!!


O.k it's been so difucult to me, to find some real comparasion against ADSL, DSL Vs. Dedicated Internet Access.

This is the issue... the company for who i'm work for, is growing, so the network services  too. We have a 1Mb ADSL internet connection  with a static ip, it works fine , but i have this problem: with this kind of connection only one static ip  it is possible to have, because to connect to my ISP i need PPPoE so my static ip is linked to my user name and password.

With this ADSL service running, i have one linux web, e-mail and ftp server  and one windows 2003 web server running smoothly, with no problem. But we want to expand de services provided to our costumers, like remote access for help desk, long distance virtual education,increase de number of web hosting, a site for downloadign and uploading area, share point services... etc....

So, i talk with several isp personal and all them tolds me tolds me, that i need a Dedicated Internet Access to do that, because de ashyncronus services provided by ADSL allows me to download fast but to have slow uploads and besides, I share mi bandwith on peak internet traffic hours because it is connected to general internet access.

Then i try to look for a best solution and de Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), seem to have all, but, here is the but... none of those isp providers, gave me a good comparsion with my adsl. I mean, o.k with DIA y have direct connection, real bandwith,severals statics ip, stability, reability..etc..etc.. but since these services are very expensives and the access speed starts from 64Kb to 34 MBps or more , wich one can replace the service that a actually have with my adsl, becuase a DIA of 1024KB it is very, very very, expensible almost 6 to 8 more than my actually adsl. Some provides tolds me that with a 128Kbps with DIA it is enough. But then the speeds of an  ADSL and DIA are not technical speaking the same ??? With ADSL when i download some stuff i get a 80-110Kbps transfer rate, so it is very fast, and all the rest of the computers working, can navigate , download, etc... the same as i am with too little decrease of the speed, with a 128Kb DIA can be done the same???

Wih the ADSL, i feel that i work fine and maybe if i could have more than one static ip would be great but that it is not possible.

 But may be, on the otherside,  i'm missing the hole picture of the beneficts of have an DIA.

Thank you!!!

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Hi.  ADSL really isn't for the big boys.  It's a nice "starter home."
Here's why: ADSL isn't brought up without having to fight. quite often.  Usually, ADSL invloves two providers--the selling, advertised company, and the actual provider.  When the line goes down, bringing it up becomes an issue.  If your company can afford downtime without prodcution or reputation loss, than ADSL might be just fine.  You can probably upgrade your service to a different level an acquire additional static IPs.

If your company will suffer production or reputation loss from an outage, than a T-1 or fractional T-1 is the way to go.  You can purchase them directly from Tier one providers, such as Verio, and ride a reputable line that's top priority for repair if it goes down.

Basically, our travelling, at home users have ADSL: our locations have T-1s.  We're up, while some users are down.  The home users with cable--4mbs--are never down either.  Cable business service also might be an option for you.

Really, the choice should be based on production/reputation loss.  Production loss can be calculated and valuated based on history.  Reputation loss cannot.

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Dedicated services have a guaranteed througput.  If you get a T1, you will get 1.536 Mbps throughput.

xDSL and cable are a best effort up to what they advertise.  If you pay for 1.54Mbps/384Kbps ADSL you may or may not get anywhere close to 1.54 Mbps downstream speed.

Cable you are sharing with everybody else that may be on the same cable loop as you.

Basically, you get what you pay for.  There is a reason the xDSL and cable are much less expensive than dedicated services.
You might think about adding another business DSL line from a different provider or a broadband cable circuit for failover capability in case you have problems with your current ADSL circuit.

Also think about locating the services that you want to have externally available at a hosting service.  This allows you to keep your office I.T. infrastructure relatively lightweight and gets you professional 24x7 coverage for network and hardware issues on the services located at the hosting service.
NetoMeter ScreencastsCommented:
I would recommed you upgrading step by step. Ask your current ISP whether they provide SDSL. The ADSL - asynchronos DSL provides higher download than upoad speed and you'll have customers accessing your servers. You'll have also a choice for speed - the SDSL (Symetric DSL) provides equal download and upload speed, just the price is much lower than dedicated T1 line. You can start with 512 kbps. Switching to the next level 768 kbps  is going to be really easy.

You mention "long distance virtual education" and providing download uploaqd area for customers. If this means watching online video files or flash movies, and you expect a large number of users simultaneously accessing your resources than T1 is the Internet Access to start with.

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