Font prob

My friend who is an elderly gentleman uses Windows 98- where is restore on his operating system and also his font on websites shows up too small..He has already tried display and tools.....please anything you can post will be greatly appreciated

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Hi debsgar,

Increase the graphic resolution. Right click on an empty area of Desktop and select Properties. Go to graphic tab and change resolution to 800 by 600 or to 640 by 480.

If not, enable Accessibility options in Control Panel to see bigger fonts or higher contrast.


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debsgarAuthor Commented:
I shall let him know and see if that works ...thanks so much!!!!

If it's on IE:

View > Text Size > select a different size (medium?)

If this is on desktop:

Right-click an empty space on the desktop and select  properties.

Settings tab > Advanced button > General tab.

Select a different font size from the dropdown menu.

Click Apply > OK and reboot.


There is an optional utility that can be installed from the Windows 98 CD which allows a user to have the section underneath the mouse cursor show up in a small separate window as magnified, and the user can set the magnification as desired.

How to Install, Configure, and Use Windows 98 Magnifier:;en-us;257561

It DOES, however, suffer from a few problem areas identified here:;en-us;188154;en-us;264871

There are other better, but similar, freeware and retail utilities.  I haven't used, and therefore cannot endorse, any of the following utilities indexed in a search from a microsoft page dedicated to "assistive technology":
Select "Vision" and set compatibility for Windows 98, then click "Search Now".

I notice that the following site thoughtfully uses large text:
I found a links page of magnifier utilities there, but haven't tested any.  It might be worth testing a few, but some freeware contains spyware.

One small extra that might also be of interest when using Internet Explorer is one that creates a new toolbar button ("Clarify"), and a single click immediately rids the page of annoying and over-the-top background images and colours.  Go to any hosted page and you will see what I mean.  I use it all the time.

"This is an Internet Explorer toolbar button implementing a Clarify command. The Clarify command renders hard-to-read web pages more visually accessible".

Download Installer:

Note:  The new toolbar button may not immediately appear.  Use the View > Toolbars > Customize menu option.  You will see it in the left pane.  Just click on it and click the "Add" button to add it to the right-pane, then move it up or down to the desired toolbar position.

To "Unclarify" an internet page, just click "Refresh" and all the ugly mess reappears.

In the author's words, "Here are some ugly-ass Web pages for testing ClarifyButton":  :-)


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